1998 Forsa Tropical International
Armwrestling Championship



Men's Left 0-154  Dave Hicks, Paul Knightly, Gerry Beaudry, Kenny Hughes
Men's Left 155-176  Kevin Bongard, Cobra Rhodes, Emlyn Williams, Sylvio Borque
Men's Left 177-198  John Brzenk, Sylvain Perron, Bucky Russell, Pat Beare
Men's Left 199-242  Ron Bath, Dan Victor, Paul Maurais, Trenton Meyer
Men's Left
243+ Eric Woelfel, Dan Victor, Garvin Lewis, Ron Bath

Ladies Right 0-143 Barb Zalepa, Renee Brzenk, Laurie Simpson, Cyndi Williams
Ladies Right 144+ Barb Zalepa, Renee Brzenk, Crystal Lejuex, Lisa Brzenk

Men's Right 0-154  Tzvestan Gachevski, Kenny Hughes, Paul Knightly, Dave Hicks,
Gerry Beaudry
Men's Right  155-176  Cobra Rhodes, Kevin Bongard, Vasil Lucenin, Sylvio Borque, Emlyn Williams.
Men's Right  177-198  John Brzenk, Sylvain Perron, Bill Brzenk, Bucky Russell, Tony Picchioldi
Men's Right  199-242  Ron Bath, Dan Victor, Paul Maurais, Petrov Zvetomin, Trenton Meyer
Men's Right 243+  John Brzenk, Ron Bath, Garvin Lewis, Eric Woelfel, Sylvain Perron

Team Champions  Cadus Riviera/Captain Cobra Rhodes

brzlad.jpg (210906 bytes)
Two new Brzenk's make debut
Renee and Lisa
(They must have outstanding coaches)
(Two brothers named Brzenk)



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