2007 Mountain States Regional Armwrestling Championships
Aurora, CO. March 10, 2007.
Presented by Mile High Armsports.
Tournament Directors: Jeff Ames, Rick Cisneros, Travis Berggren.
Referees: Rick Cisneros, Corey Miller, Travis Berggren.
Scorekeeper: Kendyll Berggren.
States represented: CO, WY, NM, PA, GA, NE.
Total entries: 91.
Boy's/Girls 0-4 - Ray Norris/Kadyn Wapelhorst/Michaela Calbert.
Boy's/Girls 5-6 - Robert Penrose/Justin Tanner.
Girls 7-9 - Ali Cisneros/Darion Bryant.
Boys 7-9 - Christian Bryant/Jonathan Penrose/Justin Rapp.
Girls 10-12 - Brooke Perrin/Jessica McAbee/Trish Calbert.
Boys 10-12 - Jonathan Penrose/Joe McAbee/Robert Penrose.
Girls 13-15 - Kelsey Simmons/Brooke Perrin/Jessica McAbee.
Boys 13-15 - Josh Chavez/Booker McIntyre/Mitch Williams.
Girls 16-18 - No entries.
Boys 16-18 - Jess Simpson/Anthony Llanez/Booker McIntyre.
Men's Open Right 0-154 - Scott Huston/Tim Chavez/Thomas Chavez.
Men's Open Right 155-176 - Andy Authier/Steve Bryant/Jerry Parish.
Men's Open Right 177-198 - Justin Kaufman/Kevin Claflin/Bob Keller.
Men's Open Right 199-242 - Mark Clay/Jeff Workman/Chris Kaufman.
Men's Open Right 243+ - Travis Berggren/Mark Clay/Jeff Workman.
Women's Open Right 0-143 - Kelsey Simmons/Heidi McKee.
Women's Open Right 144+ - Janet Hough/Jessica Steffans.
Men's Open Left 0-154 - Jess Simpson/Anthony Llanez.
Men's Open Left 155-176 - Andy Authier/Steve Bryant/Kevin Claflin.
Men's Open Left 177-198 - Justin Kaufman/Jeff Ames/Kevin Claflin.
Men's Open Left 199-242 - Rich Simpson/Chris Kaufman/Jeff Workman.
Men's Open Left 243+ - Travis Berggren/Jason Perrin/Jeff Workman.
Women's Open Left - Jessica Steffans/Janet Hough..
Men's Right Overall - Justin Kaufman.
Men's Left Overall - Jess Simpson.
Women's Right Overall - Janet Hough.
Match of the Day Kids - Jonathan Penrose/Joe McAbee.
Match of the Day Adults - Tim Lewis/Keith Hardesty.



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