September 2007

            The PAC World Championship at Mohegan Sun was a super event.  The talent there was  incredible.  To watch John Brzenk come in at 197lbs and enter two classes was amazing.  In the 199+ he came back from the loser bracket to defeat  Jerry Cadorette and Marcio Barboza. 

He then had a tough match with Ron Bath who beat John  twice and went on to win the Supers.  Ron Bath looked the best I have seen in some time.  He defeated Cadorette, Barboza and John Brzenk.  Congratulation Ron and all the other competitors that made this year's event so great.  Everyone was waiting to see Allen Fisher and Roman Tsindeliari.  Last year Allen took 1st and Roman took 2nd.  This year was just the opposite with Roman beating Allen twice to capture 1st place.  Our own Ron Klemba took 3rd behind Fisher in this class.  Ron also took 2nd in the Left Open, 1st in the Right & Left Masters.  Norm Devio took 1st in Masters & Grand Masters.  Mohegan Sun has invited PAC back next year and they are talking about signing a 3 year deal. The tournament will be aired mid December.  The full results are posted on the new PAC website:   and also on the IAF site and the Northeast Board.  Check out the new PAC site. 



Slam On The Sand

Old Orchard Beach, ME


Men's Right Open


  1. Travis Josselyn(ME)   2.  Randy Gray(NH)   3.  Jon Pasquale(MA)


  1. Brandon Caron(ME)   2.  Richard DiNardo(MA)   3.  Rob Vigeant(NH)


  1. Joe Wyman(ME)   2.  Tom Blake(ME)   3.  Raheen Jammeh(ME)


  1. Kurt Howgate(ME)   2.  Carlos Beltran(CT)   3.  Dave McLean(Canada)


  1. Jason Howgate(ME)   2.  Mark Sheehan(MA)   3.  Rick Couto(MA)

Men's Right Novice


  1. David White(NH)   2.  Frank Marsh(ME)   3.  Keith Santangelo(MA)


  1. Joe Wyman(ME)   2.  James Blake(ME)   3.  Mike Carenzo(MA)


  1. Larry Bowie Jr(ME)   2.  Larry Bowie(ME)   3.  Justin Ross(NH)

Men's Left


  1. Ben Frenette(ME)   2.  Rob Vigeant(NH)   3.  Tim Wrigley(Canada)


  1. Steve Baillargren(NH)   2.  Andy Souliere(ME)   3.  James Blake(ME)


  1. Kurt Howgate(ME)   2.  Harry Bean(NH)   3.  Ben Legan(ME)


  1. Jason Howgate(ME)   2.  Mark Sheehan(MA)   3.    Shawn Keck(CT)

Men's Right Masters


  1. Harry Bean(NH)   2.  Tim Wrigley(Canada)   3.  Rob Vigeant(NH)


  1. Harry Bean(NH)   2.  Larry Roi(Canada)   3.  David Robinson(Canada)

Women's Left

  1. Ann Emard(ME)   2.  Lisa Couto(MA)   3.  Priscilla Bean(NH)

Women's Right


  1. Ann Emard(ME)   2.  Priscilla Bean(NH)


  1. Pagel Chase(ME)   2.  Ann Emard(ME)   3.  Lisa Couto(MA)


Super Match

  1. Tim Bresnan(CT)   2.  Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)   3.  Eric Guevin(ME)  4.  Matt Evans(MA).

Meet Director was Kurt Howgate.  Referees were Chris Gangi & Bill Cox. There were  78 entries

IAF Sanctioned Event.


Upcoming Events

            October 13th.   The 7th Annual NH State Championship will be held at the Paradise Beach Club in Weirs Beach, NH.  There will be classes for Men's Right Open, Right Masters, Right Novice and Men's Left, Women's Right , Teens and Kids.  Weigh-ins from 11am to 12:30pm.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus Overalls for the Adult classes.  For more info contact the Meet Directors Harry & Priscilla Bean at:  603-524-2640 or 603-455-6115.   IAF Sanctioned Event.

            October 27th.   The 8th Annual CT Fall Classic will be held at the City Sports Grille in Bristol, CT.  There will be 28 weight classes for Men, Women, Teens and Kids.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes except Kids, they will get Medals for 1st to 4th place.  There will also be Custom Embroidered Satin Jackets for all Overall Winners in the Men's Right & Left lightweight & heavyweight classes plus Ladies Right & Left and Men's Masters.  There will be a Cash Box worth at least $250.00, there must be at least 6 pullers in the class to qualify.   Weigh-ins from 7pm to 10pm on Friday night and on Saturday from 10am to 1:30pm.  Meet Directors are Josh & Melissa Stark.  For more info call Josh at 860-584-2267 or 860-940-8502.      IAF Sanctioned Event.





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