October 2007


We would like to introduce you to our newest State Director.  He is Rick North and he will be the Director for Rhode Island.  Rick is some what new to armwrestling but he has been involved with strength events like the RI Strongman and other events of strength.  He got into armwrestling about 2 years ago.  Rick holds training sessions in RI and has already hosted one armwrestling event.  All of Rick's contact info is posted on the IAF site and also on the Maine site.  Be sure to welcome him on board when you meet him.


             In case you missed the notices we have stopped doing the Women's Ranking due to lack of interest from the Women Panel that was doing it.  There were six panel members in the US, six in Canada and six from Europe.  The panel from Europe was the first to be ended. All the panel members  either told me they didn't have time or they just didn't respond at all.  This year we had only one panel member from the US send in her votes and none from Canada.  Maybe we can try this again in the future if we get enough women interested.  There is also a growing problem with women competitors.  None show up to compete.  At Mohegan Sun there were only three ladies signed up.  At Chris Gangi's last two events there were none.  If the ladies don't start showing up I am afraid there won't be many classes offered in the future if any at all.  Ladies you need to start showing up at competitions,  promoters get tired of taking home trophies every event for the women.  Not to even mention what sponsors are thinking when they pay for trophies that are not needed. 


             We had to change the month for the Can-Am this year due to bookings at the Holiday Inn.  It will be run on April 26th, 2008.   More classes have been added this year, there will be 27 classes offered this year.  This year the event will be sanctioned as the North American Continental Championship.  This is a yearly event being run under the guidelines of the North American Continental Federation(NAAF).  Right now it rotates between the USA and Canada.  Hope everyone can try to make it this year. 


NH State Championship

Paradise Beach Club

Weirs Beach NH




Men's Right Open



1.      Darren Courtemarche(NH)   2.  Chris Roy(MA)   3.  Wayne Collins(NH)


      1.   Badger Drewes(NH)   2.  Justin Ross(NH)   3.  Carl Schmeichel(MA)


  1. Kurt Howgate(ME)   2.  Harry Bean(NH)   3.  Mark Sheehan(MA)


Men's Right Masters



  1. Badger Drewes(NH)   2.  Rick Brunelle(NH)


  1. Greg Curatola(ME)   2.  Harry Bean(NH)   3.  Jan Schmeichel(MA)


Men's Right Novice



  1. Matt Jennings(NH)   2.  Stephen Griffiths(NH)   3.  Anthony Curatola(ME)


  1. John Pickering(VT)   2.  James Parker(MA)


  1. Ben Landry(NH)   2.  Jeramie Towle(VT)   3.  Chris Balch(NH)


Men's Left



  1. Matt Jennings(NH)   2.  Shane Levesque(NH)


  1. Darren Courtemarche(NH)   2.  Steve Baillargren(NH)   3.  Chris Roy(MA)


      1.  Kurt Howgate(ME)   2.  Harry Bean(NH)   3.  Mark Sheehan(MAS)


Women's Right


  1. Ashlyn Soboleski(NH)   2.  Rena Pickering(VT)   3.  Priscilla Bean(NH)



  1. Andrew Soboleski(NH)   2.  Mitch Pickering(VT)



      1.  Justin StLaurent(ME)   2.  Harry Bean V (NH)




Men's Right Open:   Darren Courtemarche

Men's Right Masters:   Badger Drewes

Men's Right Novice:   Ben Landry

Men's Left:   Kurt Howgate

Women's Open:  Ashlyn Soboleski


There were 48 Entries.  Meet Directors were Harry & Priscilla Bean.  Referees were Josh Stark, Jan Schmeichel, Badger Drewes & Bill Cox.  Brackets by Priscilla Bean

IAF Sanctioned Event



Upcoming Events



            Nov. 24th.   The 2nd Annual Rhode Island State Championship will be held at Rhode Island Billiards on 2026 Smith St, North Providence, RI.  There will be classes for Men's Right & Left Open, men's Right Novice & Women's Right Open.  Weigh-ins from 10am to Noon.  Contest starts at 12:30pm.  For more info contact the Meet Director Rick North at 401-682-2271  or e-mail him at      Http://       IAF Sanctioned Event.



            Dec. 8th.    Arms For Kids will be held at the Knights Hall in Claremont, NH.  It will be a benefit for the Boston's Children's Hospital.  All proceeds from the event will go to the Childrens Hospital.  There will be classes for Men's Right & Left Open, Men's Right Novice, Men's Right Masters, Womens Right Open, Kids & Teens.  Weigh-ins from 11am to 12:30pm.  Event starts at 1:30pm.  For more info contact the Meet Director Jeramie Towle at  802-885-6365.   IAF Sanctioned Event



            Jan. 26th.   The Northeast Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Black Bear Saloon in Norwalk, CT.  There will be 14 Challenge Matches plus classes for Men' Right & Left plus Women's Right Open Class.   Weigh-ins on Friday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  On Saturday from 10am to 12:30pm.  Challenge matches start at 1pm.  Tournament starts at 2pm.  NAA Sanctioned Event.  For more info check the Northeast Board:       



            April 26th.   The North American Continental Championship will be run at the Holiday Inn on Rte 495 in Taunton, MA.  This event will replace the Can-Am for this year only.  It will be sanctioned by the North American Armwrestling Federation(NAAF) which is the WAF Governing Body for North America  and also by the International Armwrestling Federation(IAF).  There will be classes for Men's Right & Left Open, Men's Right & Left Masters, Men's Right Novice and Women's Right Open.  There will also be  Overalls for all 6 classes.  Special room rate of $89.00 per night.    Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  Free Tee-Shirt to each entry as long as they last, one per person.   For a reservation call 508-823-0430 and ask for the Armwrestling Rate.  Reservations must be made by the 4th of April to receive the special rate.  For info call the Meet Director Bill Cox at  508-947-8958.




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