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November 2007 

            Hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  This month you will receive our ballot for Armwrestler Of The Year, you will need to mail it back by December 20th.  Remember your vote only counts if you mail it back.  The results will be posted in the January Newsletter and also on the Northeast Board.  If you go to the Maine site you will find a list of past winners of this  Honor. 

             The USA will be hosting the 2010 World Championships in Nevada.  The Worlds for 2008 will be hosted by Canada. Full info is posted on the Canadian Board, the Northeast Board and on the IAF site under links.  The USAF Nationals for 2008 will be hosted by Bob Brown in Salt Lake City, UT.  There should be a record attendance for this as the World's will be in Canada.  Easier and cheaper to get there.  I know Bob Brown the Host for Nationals and I am sure he will do a super job putting this together.


8th Annual CT Fall Classic



Challenge Matches

Denis Debrueil defeated Alex Josowitz 3-0

Todd VanBlaricom defeated Justin Kopa  3-2


Men's Left


  1. Heintje Bergeron(Can)   2.  Anthony Snook(PA)   3.  Ron Klemba(CT)


  1. Angel Cosme(NY)   2.  George Sheldrick(VT)   3.  Tim Pasquale(CT)


  1. Cody King(Can)   2.  Frank Hirst(CT)   3.  Tim Pasquale(CT)


  1. Jason Howgate(ME)   2.  Andy Ducharme(RI)   3.  Jeramie Towle(VT)

Men's Right Open


  1. Chris Gobby(Can)   2.  Sylvain Bissonette(Can)   3.  Lucii Wilson(VT)


  1. Jon Vinikor(PA)   2.  Heintje Bergeron(Can)   3.  Ron Klemba(CT)


  1. Steve Shoemaker(PA)   2.  Shane Gundrum(NY)   3.  George Sheldrick(VT)


  1. Frank Hirst(CT)   2.  Charles Link(NY)   3.  Carlos Beltran(CT)


  1. Badger Drewes(NH)   2.  Frank Hirst(CT)   3.  Carlos Beltran(CT)


  1. Jason Howgate(ME)   2.  Max Maswell(RI)   3.  Andy Ducharme(RI)

Ladies Left


  1. Jessalyn Gillette(VT)   2.  Jennifer Devoid(VT)   3.  Pam Ducharme(RI)


  1. Joyce King(Can)   2.  Melinda Lauver(CT)

Ladies Right


  1. Miriline Berrouet(NY)   2.  Jessalyn Gillette(VT)   3.  Pam Ducharme(RI)


  1. Joyce King(Can)   2.  Cindy Looney(NC)   3.  Melinda Louver(CT)

Men's Masters Right


  1. Jon Vinikor(PA)   2.  Ron Klemba(CT)   3.  David Brien(MA)


  1. Badger Drewes(NH)   2.  Andy Ducharme(RI)   3.  Jean Daigle(CT)

Men's Left Novice


No Entries


  1. Shane Levesque(NH)   2.  Charles Minkler   3.  Timmy VanBlaricom(CT)


  1. Kevin Siska   2.  Joe Canazzi(NY)


        1  Craig Brought   2.  Josh Vinikor(PA)   3.  Jeramie Towle(VT)

Men's Right Novice


  1. David Sevigny   2.  Floyd Rider


  1. Jonathon Barlow   2.  Charles Minkler   3.  Travis Van Blaricom(CT)


  1. Robert Baer   2.  Herman Jalbert(CT)   3.  Joe Canazzi(NY)


  1. Adam Link(NY)   2.  Craigh Brought   3.  Kevin Siska


  1. Joe Canazzi(NY)   2.  Zach Cowan   3.  Josh Vinikor(PA)



  1. Ayana Adams


  1. Samantha Gangi(CT)   2.  Max Maxwell Jr(RI)   3.  Justin Canazzi


  1. Billy Gundrum(NY)   2.  Nick Daigle(CT)   3.  Janisse Ramos


Ladies Right:    Miriline Berrouet

Ladies Left:      Joyce King

Men's Left Lighweight:     Heintje Bergeron

Men's Left Heavyweight:      Jason Howgate

Men's Right Lightweight:      Steve Shoemaker

Men's Right Heavyweight:    Frank Hirst

Men's Masters:   Badger Drewes

$250.00  Money Box was won by Jason Howgate


There were 133 entries.  Referees were Chris Gangi, Logan Miclette, Badger Drewes & Bill Cox.  Charts were done by Melanie Gangi & Melissa Stark.  MC was Josh Stark.  Meet Directors were Josh & Melissa Stark   IAF Sanctioned Event


Upcoming Events

            January 26.   The NAA will run the Northeast Challenge V  at the Black Bear Saloon in S. Norwalk, CT.  There will be 15 challenge matches involving some of the top armwrestlers in North America.  Plus a regular tournament.  For a list of the challenge matches and all the weight classes being run you will need to go to the Northeast Board.  Full info posted there.

            February 23.   The AAA Ct State Championship will be run at the City Sports Grill in Bristol, CT

There will be classes for Men's Right & Left Open, Men's Right Novice, Men's Right Masters, Women's Right, Teens & Kids.  Weigh-ins on 2/22 from 7-10pm, on 2/23 from 10 am to 1:30pm.  Starts at 2pm.  For more info contact the meet Director Chris Gangi at  860-585-7716(home)  or (cell)



           April 26.   The North American Continental Championship will be held in the Ballroom of the Holiday Inn, Taunton, MA.  There will be classes for Men's Right & left Open, Men's Right & Left Masters, Men's Right Novice & Women's Right.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  Overall awards for all six classes(Seated Loggers).   Special room rate of $89.95 per night.  For reservation call before April 4th to get the special rate.  Reservations number is:  508-823-0430.  This will be the first time a Continental Championship has been held anywhere on the East Coast.  Weigh-ins will be held on Friday night from 8-10pm.  On Saturday from 10am to 1pm. Event starts at 2pm.  For more info call the Meet Director Bill Cox at 508-947-8958 or e-mail to  This event is sanctioned by both the NAAF and the IAF.


            May 17.   The 15th White Mtn Championship will be held at Fratello's Ristorante Italiano on Rte 112 in Lincoln, NH.  There will be classes for Men's Right & Left Open, Men's Right & Left Masters, Men's Right Novice & Women's Right.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  Weigh-ins will be at the Host Hotel, the Rivergreen Resort.  It is located right behind the Mill on Rte 112.  Weigh-ins will be on 5/16 from 8 to 10pm, on 5/17 from 11am to 12:30pm.  Starts at 1pm.  Special room rate of $59.00 per night. For reservations call 888-784-7829 and check out the Hotel @    IAF  Sanctioned Event. For more info call the Meet Director Bill Cox at 508-947-8958.



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