April 2007

            I am having a problem with the Women's Ranking.  As of the end of last year we dropped the European Rankings for lack of interest.  Now we are having the same problem with the USA and Canadian Ladies.  In case you are not familiar with the idea we use Ladies for the panel and only those ladies have a vote in who goes on the list and in what position.  The latest update was  to be at the end of March.  As of right now I have only heard from one lady on the USA panel and none from the Canadian panel. There are 6 ladies on each panel.  I will move the update till the end of June and see what happens.  If there is no real interest by then I will discontinue the Women's Rankings and delete the ranking page.  This was started to try and help the Women out there, but the Women have to do their part.  I have had three judges from the USA resign saying they don't have the time and also have heard the same from 4 ladies on the Canadian panel.  We kept the names on all the panel members secret even from each other to insure fairness.  The rankings are done 4 times a year, that shouldn't take a lot of someone's time.    Also we will be dropping the Point Fund part of the Points Championship.  There is not enough interest on the part of promoters to make it worthwhile.

Maine Motor Sports Strongarm Challenge

March 31st.  Lewiston, ME

 Men's Right Open


 1.  Matt Gundrum(NY)   2.  Chad Richards(ME)   3.  Travis Jossalyn(ME)


 1.  Brandon Caron(ME)   2.  Keith Champion(ME)   3.  Ben Frenette(ME)


 1.  Richard Durant(NH)   2.  Shane Gundrum(NY)   3.  Bill Gundrum(NY)


 1.  Harry Bean(NH)   2.  Badger Drewes(NH)   3.  Cody King(NS)


 1.  Eric Guevin(ME)   2.  Kurt Howgate(ME)   3.  Mark Sheehan(MA)

 Men's Left


 1.  Tim Wrigley(NS)   2.  Ben Adams(VT)   3.  Chris Roy(NH)


 1.. Richard Durant(NH)   2.  Bill Gundrum(NY)   3.  Shane Gundrum(NY)


 1.  Cody King(NS)   2.  Harry Bean(NH)   3.  Cory Bussell(ME)


 1.  Kurt Howgate(ME)   2.  Eric Guevin(ME)   3.  Mark Sheehan(MA)


Men's Right Novice


1.  Keith Champion(ME)   2.  Chad Richards(ME)   3.  Bryan Briggs(NH)


 1.  Ben Landry(NH)   2.  James Blake(ME)   3.  Charlie Minkler(NY)


 1.  Mark Kaminski(MA)   2.  Ben Landry(NH)   3.  Matt Guay(ME)


Men's Right Masters


 1.  Badger Drewes(NH)   2.  Tim Wrigley(NS)   3.  Tom Blake Jr(ME)


Harry Bean(NH)   2.  Jean Daigle(CT)


Women's Right


 1.  Jessalynn Gilette(VT)   2.  Eileen King(NS)   3.  Asnlynn Soboleski(NH)


 1.  Joyce King(NS)   2.  Jessalynn Gilette(VT)   3.  Jessica King(NS)


Womens Left

 1.  Joyce King(NS)   2.  Jessica King(NS)   3.  Jessalynn Gilette(VT)


Kids  4/6yrs

 1.  Seth Bussell(ME)   2.  Isaac Bussell(ME)   3.  Ayana Adams(VT)

Kids 7/9yrs

 1.  Elijah Bussell(ME)   2.  Kyle Billings(ME)   3.  Daisy Blake(ME)

Kids 10/12yrs

 1.  Billy Gundrum(NY)   2.  Justin StLaurent(ME)   3.  Harry Bean(ME)



 1.  Bryan Briggs(NH)   2.  Andrew Soboleski(NH)   3.  Justin Johnson(ME)


Men's Right Open Overall Winner:  Eric Guevin(ME)

Men's Left Overall Winner:   Kurt Howgate(ME)

Men's Right Novice Overall Winner:   Keith Champion(ME)

Men's Right Masters Overall Winner:   Harry Bean(NH)

Women's Overall Winner:   Joyce King(NS)


Meet Director was Kurt Howgate.  Referees were Badger Drewes and Bill Cox.  Brackets were done by Kurt Howgate.  There were 91 entries from 6 states & Canada.  IAF Sanctioned Event


Upcoming Events


            May 19th.   The AAA VT State Championship will be held at the Middlebury American legion Hall in Middlebury, VT.  Weigh-ins on Friday night from 7 to 9pm @ Urban Exchange on 73 Main St,


Suite 2, Middlebury.  On Saturday from 11am to 1pm.  For more info call the Meet Directors, Bill Sinks or Karen Curavoo at 802-545-2402 or e-mail to


            June 1&2.      The AAA Nationals will be held in Buffalo, NY.  On Firday the 1st will be the Open & Novice Left Hand and the Right Hand Masters classes.  On Saturday the 2nd will be the Open & Novice Right Hand and the Left Hand Masters classes.  You must be a member of AAA to compete, you may sign up at event.  For more info e-mail Karen Bean the meet director :

This will be the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown.


            June 16th.   The 9th Biker's Armwrestling Championships will be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon on rte 3 in Laconia, NH.   There will be classes for Men's Right & left Open, Men's Right Masters and Women's Right.  Weigh-ins from Noon to 1:30pm.  Events starts at 2pm.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  For more info contact the Meet Directors, Bill & Gerry Cox at 508-947-8958 or e-mail to:    IAF Sanctioned Event


            June 23rd.   The New England Championship will be held at City Sports Grille in Bristol, CT.

There will be classes for Men's Right & Left Open, Men's Right Novice, Men's Right Masters, Women's Right, Teens and Kids.  Weigh-ins on Friday night from 7 to 9pm. On Saturday from 10am to 12:30pm.  Event starts at 1pm.  There will be a $250 cash box.   For more info call the Meet Directors, Chris Gangi at 860-585-7716 or Tim Bresnan at 860-000-0000.


            July 14th.   The IAF  Pennsylvania State Championship will be held at the Lehigh Valley Sportsfest in Allentown, PA.  It will be held at Cedar Beach Park in the Grandstand.  Classes for Men's Right & Left plus Women's Right.   Trophies for 1st & 2nd, Medals for 3rd place.   For info or directions call the Meet Directors, Mike Ondrovic at  610-434-4353 or Sue Fischer at  215-943-7813.   This is an IAF Sanctioned Event.


            August 4/5.   The USAF Unified National Championship will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Kansas City, MO.  All WAF weight classes will be offered.  All 1st & 2nd place finishers will qualify for Team USA to compete at the WAF World Championships being held in Bulgaria later this year. Weigh ins will be held on Friday night from 6 to 9pm.  On Saturday from 9 to 11am.  On Sunday from 10 to 11am.  Contest starts Saturday & Sunday at Noon.  There are flyers posted on all sites with full info.  For more info contact Bill Collins at 209-826-2873 or e-mail: 

This will be the final leg of the Triple Crown.


            Bid forms have been sent out to all USAF member associations.  If any of the member associations want to host a Unified Nationals they need to fill out the forms and mail them back as soon as possible.  The host and location of the 2008 Unified National Championship will be announced at this years Nationals in Kansas City, MO.   If there are any associations or promotors out there interested in becoming a member of the USAF they can go to the IAF site and download an application there or e-mail me for one.    


            Also if there is any Club or Association that would be interested in having a tournament at their place let me know.  You could e-mail me or just call me at  508-947-8958.  If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the IAF there is an application the IAF site to download.





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