Here is some of the pro results, some of these names are hella long and I may butcher them.

Vazgen Boohoyan
Simon Berriochoa
Jamie Sheldon
Jeremy Plaster
Marc Orapallo

Allen Fisher
Denis Dubreill
Kevin Hicklin
Brandon Dye
Mike Mcgraw

Todd Hutching
James Smith
Kenny Hughes
Chad Silvers
Kevin Bongard
Andreas Rundstrom

John Brzenk
Ron Bath
Sylvain Perron
Michael Todd
Marico Barboza
Kevin Buetts

John Brzenk
Farid Usmanov
Brain Bybie
Augest Smisl
Travis Bagent
Eric Diguevin

Judy Dodd
Tamara Mitts
Valerie Beach
Tanya Wood

Heidie Andersson
Barb Zalepa
Carolynn Fisher
Valerie Beach

Joyce King
Liliya K
Mirela Pirjor
Nicole Cisco

Stephen Rodgers
Lenny Lockert
Jake Smith
Johnny Burgeson
Tony Sweat

Chris Chakhamakdyn
Aaron Legyel
Denise Dubreuil
Jarod Cash
Travis Miller

Todd Hutching
Kevin Bongard
Vasily Kuznetsov
Bray Johnson
Eric Roussin
James Smith

Marico Barbosa
Tom Nelson
John Brezenk
Sylvain Perron
Ron Bath
Allen Ferreira

Travis Bagent
Eric Woefel
Bob Shaffer
August Smisl
Bob Bigwood
Linley Keating

This was not the biggest event I've seen, but these classes were loaded with so much talent, that if you placed you deserved it..

I've seen some things displayed from pullers that I haven't seen in a long long time.

The most exciting match was John Brzenk and Farid Usmanov, not once but twice. Knowing that Faried is a power house inside, it was cool to see John give Faried the sign language telling him "were going into the hook". These matches blew the roof off the building.

If I had an award to give out as best sportmans

Hands down to James Smith, beside being one of the best 198 he displayed things on the table that puller just don't do, James Smith thanks for making the referees job easy.


Here are the Sunday results:

Mens Master Right - 0-154
No entries

Mens Master Right - 155-176
1. Vern Martel
2. Aaron Lengyel
3. Mike McGraw

Mens Master Right - 177-198
1. Bob Brown
2. Bill Arnold
3. Lee Ecclesfield

Mens Master Right - 199-220
1. John Woolsey
2. John Shipes
3. Darigi Nagynknan

Mens Master Right - 221+
1. Ron Bath
2. Mark Clay
3. Eric Drury

Mens Master Left - 0-154
No Entries

Mens Master Left - 155-176
No Entries

Mens Master Left - 177- 198
No Entries

Mens Master Left - 199-220
No Entries

Mens Master Left - 221+
1. Rob Boespflug
2. John Shipes
3. Ron Bedinsky

Grandmaster Right - 0-165
1. Dave Hicks
2. Zee Bujag
3. Ian Stanton

Grandmaster Right - 166-185
1. Dave Hicks
2. Bert Whitfield
3. Adam Gerber

Grandmaster Right - 186-205
1. John Woolsey
2. Bert Whitfield
3. Bob Eazor

Grandmaster Right - 226+
1. John Woolsey
2. Bruce Way
3. Jeff Hodskinson

Mens Amateur Right - 0-154
1. Mike England
2. Ed Romero
3. Ron Acena

Mens Amateur Right - 155-176
1. Travis Miller
2. Richard Smith
3. Tony Montgomery

Mens Amateur Right - 177-198
1. Kyle Norman
2. Clink Way
3. Dan Wardlaw

Mens Amateur Right - 199-242
1. Lee Bonnett
2. Michael Mariscal
3. Mark Clay

Mens Amateur Right - 243+
1. Ed Shelton
2. Conan Medak
3. Ed Wucher

Mens Amateur Left - 0-154
1. Mike England
2. Ron Acena
3. Fabian Carrillo

Mens Amateur Left - 155-176
1. Richard Smith
2. Tony Montgomery
3. Joe Gonzales

Mens Amateur Left - 177-198
1. Rob Boespflug
2. Kyle Norman
3. Troy Tiegs

Mens Amateur Left - 199-242
1. Michael Mariscal
2. Jeremy Woodside
3. Lee Bonnett

Mens Amateur Left - 243+
1. Conan Medak
2. Lee Bonnett
3. Jeff Hodgekinson

Mens Beginner Right - 0-165
1. Ulysses Alvarez
2. Greg Arnold
3. Josh Jordan

Mens Beginner Right - 166-198
1. Ed Moehle
2. Angelo Paiva
3. Troy Tiegs

Mens Beginner Right - 199+
1. Clint Way
2. Troy Teigs
3. Mark Reichert

Mens Beginner Left - 0-165
No Entries

Mens Beginner Left - 166-198
1. Troy Tiegs
2. Mark Reichert
3. Josh Jordan

Mens Beginner Left - 199+
No Entries

We would like to thank all of the Sunday competitors for coming and supporting our event. You did a fantastic job competing, which made for a eventful and exciting day.








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