Thanks to all that attended!- Denise Wattles

1st Annual Tahoe Biltmore “Brawl for it All” Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship
Sponsored by the Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino & Incline Village/Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau
Tournament Directors – Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles – June 10 & 11 2006

Sr. Grand Masters : Joe Churruca/ Charles Hughes/ Manuel “Wild Bill” Serpa
Grand Masters Right 0-165: Ken Curtzweiler
Grand Masters Right 166+: Joe Churruca/ Ken Curtzweiler/ Steve Jeffryes/ Charles Hughes
Masters Left 0-154: Victor Torres
Masters Left 155-176: John Parton/ Victor Torres/ Ken Curtzweiler/ John Marshall
Masters Left 177+: Andy “Conan” Medak/ Aaron Boren
Masters Right 0-154: Sean Town
Masters Right 155-176: John Parton/ Ken Curtzweiler/ Clayne Hansen/ Sean Town
Masters Right 177+: Andy “Conan” Medak/ John Parton
Amateur Left 0-154: Russell Jodrey/ Victor Torres/ Ulysses Jpnes/ Nicholas Williams
Amateur Left 155-176: David Damiano/ Ken Curtzweiler/ John Marshall/ Clayne Hansen
Amateur Left 177-198: Barrett Smallwood
Amateur Left 199+: Andy “Conan” Medak/ Luke Pulscher/ Barrett Smallwood/ Jared Baker
Amateur Right 0-154: Russell Jodrey/ Ulysses Jones/ Victor Torres/ Sean Town
Amateur Right 155-176: David Damiano/ Ken Curtzweiler/ Steve Jeffryes/ Ruben Depoorter
Amateur Right 177-198: Luke Kindt/ Barrett Smallwood/ Dan Wardlaw/ Bryce Leiker
Amateur Right 199-22: Luke Pulscher/ Jody Smith/ Aaron Boren/ Jared Baker
Amateur Right 243+: Luke Pulscher/ Andy ‘Conan” Medak/ Luke Kindt/ Aaron Boren
Novice Left 0-154: Tony Sweat/ Ulysses Jones/ Nicholas Williams
Novice Left 155-176: Justin Ritchie/ Tony Sweat/ Ruben DePoorter/ Kraig Ferreira
Novice Left 177+: Jared Baker/ Eric Holliday
Novice Right 0-154: Ulysses Jones/ Tony Sweat/ Nicholas Williams/ Russ Hall
Novice Right 155-176: Justin Ritchie/ Tony Sweat/ Ruben DePoorter/ Mike Hubert
Novice Right 177-198: Dan Wardlaw/ Nathan Bruer
Novice Right 199+: Eric Holliday/ Dan Wardlaw/ Nathan Bruer
Pro Left 0-165: Devin Bair/ Mike McGraw/ David Damiano/ Jason Murphy
Pro Left 166-198: Bryan Johnson/ Kenny Hughes/ Brian Brandon/ John Parton
Pro Left 199-242: Tom Nelson/ Allen Ferreira/ John Shaw/ Kevin Buetts
Pro Left 143+: Eric Woelfel/ Tom Nelson/ Allen Ferreira/ Andy ‘Conan” Medak
Ladies Pro Right 0-143: Jennifer Hoffert/ DeDe Johnson/ Barbara McCoy
Pro Right 0-165: Devin Bair/ Simon Berriochoa/ Mike McGraw/ Luke Kindt
Pro Right 166-198: Kenny Hughes/ Bryan Johnson/ Darren Wartena/ John Parton
Pro Right 199-242: Tom Nelson, Herman McCoy/ Dan Fortune/ Kevin Buetts
Pro Right 243+: Tom Nelson/ Eric Woelfel/ Kody Asbury/ Kevin Buetts
Masters Right & Left Hand Overall Champion: John Parton
Pro Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Jennifer Hoffert
Pro Men’s Right Hand Overall Champion: Tom Nelson
Pro Men’s Left Hand Overall Champion: Eric Woelfel
Pro Best Sportsmanship Award: Russ Hall
Amateur Best Sportsmanship Award: Scott Brown
Professional Team Champions: California Armbenders – Mike McGraw, Captain
Amateur Team Champions: Team Trinity – Ruben DePoorter, Captain



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