Sneakerz Sports Bar Armwrestling Challenge
Albuquerque, NM. July 22, 2006.
Presented by New Mexico Armsports.
Tournament Directors: Jeff Ames, Rick Cisneros, Travis Berggren.
Referees: Rick Cisneros, Chris Rapp.
Scorekeepers: Kevin Rapp, Davisa Whittemore.
Men's Open Right 0-154: Nathan Randall/Daniel Gonzales.
Men's Open Right 155-176: Thomas Chavez/Brett Larsen/Nathan Randall/Joey Baca.
Men's Open Right 177-198: Ty Lee/Rick Cisneros.
Men's Open Right 199-242: Ty Lee/Jordan Martinez/John Montgomery/Mike Tull.
Men's Open Right 243+: Bryan Dyche/Paul Fairbanks.
Women's Open Right 0-143: Peggy Walton/Malinda Randall/Hannah Pennington/Gena Johnson.
Women's Open Right 144+: Chris Martinez/Joi Wilson.
Men's Open Left 0-176: Adrian Manriquez/Nathan Randall/Ron Walton.
Men's Open Left 177-198: Ty Lee/Chris Rapp.
Men's Open Left 199+: John Montgomery/Sal Martinez/Jordan Martinez/Corby Reeves.
Men's Right Overall: Bryan Dyche.
Men's Left Overall: Ty Lee.
Women's Right Overall: Chris Martinez.
Match of the Day: John Montgomery vs. Jordan Martinez.




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