Kansas Armwrestling Competition Results Saturday June 17, 2006 America's Pub Wichita(KS)
Men's Right Hand
0-170 1st Trevin Bryant(MO) , 2nd Aaron Blevins(OK), 3rd Josh Barlow(MO), 4th Jay Reyes(CO), 5th Bobby Takano(KS)
171-208 1st Rick Grossenbacker(KS), 2nd Matt Boyer(KS), 3rd Tim Lewis(PA), 4th Doug Spencer(KS), 5th Andy Janzen((KS)
209+ 1st Mike Wilson(KS), 2nd Jason Pedruzzi(KS), 3rd Charles Kiefer(KS), 4th Brad Rindfess(KS), 5th John Janzen(KS)
Women's Open
1st Andrea Paul(NE), 2nd Julie Nutsch(KS), 3rd Mercedes Martin(KS) 
Men's Left Hand
0-208 1st Rick Grossenbacker(KS), 2nd Tim Lewis(PA), 3rd Aaron Blevins(OK)
209+ 1st Jason Payne(KS), 2nd Jason Pedruzzi(KS), 3rd Charles Kiefer(KS)



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