Rubber City Arm Wrestling Challenge III
Main Street Saloon
Akron, Ohio
September 23rd, 2006

Tournament Director's: Gary Dubravetz/Willie Reagan

Head Referee: Ed Adkins

Down Referee's: Chris Louive, Sr. /Neil Robinson

Right Hand Pro:
154lbs-1st Gene Dunn, 2nd Bryon Harris, 3rd Boomer Reagan, 4th John Ernst

176lbs-1st Mike Knepp, 2nd Gene Persinger, 3rd Mike Mesher, 4th Jason Jackson

198lbs- 1st Brian Belcher, 2nd Rob Zeigler, 3rd Mike Dawson, 4th Joe Canazzi
220lbs- 1st Bart Wood, 2nd Gary Dubravetz, 3rd Dominic Medure, 4th Mike Dawson

220lbs+ 1st Tom Taylor, 2nd Matt Prichard, 3rd Rob Zeigler, 4th Shawn Loughry

Left Hand Pro:

154lbs-1st Gene Dunn, 2nd Boomer Reagan, 3rd Steve Helba, 4th Brian Lindenberger
176lbs- 1st Willie Reagan, 2nd Eric Barzack, 3rd Mike Knepp, 4th Gene Persinger

198lbs- 1st Mike Elliott, 2nd Gary Dubravetz

198+ 1st Matt Prichard, 2nd Tim Lewis, 3rd Martin Weaver

Master's Right Hand Pro:

176lbs 1st Gene Dunn, 2nd Chris Louive Sr., 3rd Darrell Sommers

Women's Open:

1st Carol Bergmann, 2nd Kaitlynn Golub, 3rd Barbara Renstrom

Right Hand Overall Champion: Gene Dunn
Left Hand Overall Champion: Matt Prichard

Super Matches:
154lbs- Tim Elliott (3), Boomer Reagan (2)
176lbs- Mike Knepp (3), Willie Reagan (0)
198lbs- Rob Zeigler (3), Mike Dawson (0)



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