Weight class 3rd Place 2nd Place 1st Place
Left Hand      
0-187 Daryl Miller Anthony Snook C. J. Floyd
187-220 George Stanton Rob Vigeant Jr. C. J. Floyd
220-Over Rob Vigeant Jr. Shawn Turner Luke Eldridge
Right Hand      
0-165 Daryl Miller Anthony Snook Bryan Thomas
165-187 Josh Jones Jimmy Connors C. J. Floyd
187-220 C. J. Floyd George Stanton Rob Vigeant Jr.
220-242 George Stanton Steve Carbone Frank Hirst
242-Over Rob Vigeant Jr. Luke Eldridge Shawn Turner
Master's R/H      
0-198 John Meyer Randy Stanaway Gary Kessler
198-Over Jerry Savaliski Robert Coan Lewis Corbin




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