The 2006 Lonoke County Armwrestling Championships was held at Funtastics in Cabot, Arkansas.  Youths from as far as Star City and adults from as far as Tennessee and Texas came to Cabot to take home the county title.  World armwrestling champion and president of Southern States Armwrestling Association which is an unbrella organization under the United States Armsports organization, Michael Todd was not only in charge of this event but also was there to coach newcomers.  Funtastics, Wing Shack, Walker Physical Therapy, Cabot Tire Off Road, Harvey's Liquor, Mega Fitness Studios, Dentamasters, Page Plus Cellular,, Gold Star Realty,, and were the business that made this event possible.  Thank you for your support.
Boys' Youth Ages 8-10
Champion-DJ Bugaj
Boys' Youth Ages 14-17
Champion- Josh Wood
2nd- Corey Dial
3rd- Chad Huff 
Men's Novice Right Hand 0-176                       Men's Novice Right Hand 177 & Up
Champion-Jeffrey Walston                                     Champion-Mike Cagle
2nd-Chris Murr                                                      2nd-Rodney Bunt, Jr.
3rd-Chad Huff                                                        3rd-Josh Wood
Men's Open Right Hand 0-165                              Men's Open Right Hand 166-187
Champion-Stephen Newton                                    Champion-Zee Bugaj
2nd-Mike England                                                 
3rd-Chad Huff                                                        
Men's Open Right Hand 188-220                        Men's Open Right Hand 221 & Up
Champion-Stacy Hill                                              Champion-Blake Perry
2nd-Kyle Norman                                                   2nd-Mike Cagle
3rd-Josh Wood                                                      3rd-Rodney Bunt, Jr.
Men's Open Left Hand 166-187                          Men's Open Left Hand 188-220
Champion-Mike England                                      Champion-Kyle Norman
2nd-Joe Gonzales                                                  2nd-Mike Schales
                                                                                 3rd-James Wood
Men's Open Left Hand 221 & Up                         Ladies' Open Right Hand
Champion-Blake Perry                                          Champion-Molly Gonzales
2nd-Drew McDonald                                              2nd-Dusty Hyde
                                                                                  3rd-Beth Rachel
Overall Right-Stacy Hill
Overall Left-Blake Perry





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