Results of the 7th CT Fall Classic 10/28/06


Left (6)
1st Rob Vigeant, 2nd Greg Sharon, 3rd Kyle Sillito, 4th Lucci Wilson
177-198 (3)
1st George Sheldrik, 2nd Steve Shoemaker, 3rd Vic Sargent
199-220 (5)
1st Badger Drews, 2nd George Sheldrik, 3rd Dan Soresse, 4th Dunajt Vejselovski
221-up (7)
Kurt Howgate, 2nd Chris Ratchford, 3rd Pete Milano, 4th Harry Bean
0-154 (3)
1st Norm Devio, 2nd Mike Osif, 3rd Lucci Wilson
155-176 (9)
1st Kyle Sillito, 2nd Scott Chimielewski, 3rd Jon Vinikoor, 4th Rob Vigeant
177-198 (7)
1st Scott Chimielewski, 2nd Jon Vinikoor, 3rd George Givens, 4th Vic Sargent
199-220 (3)
Charles Links, 2nd Scott Chimielewski, 3rd Dan Soresse
221-242 (4)
1st Badger Drews, 2nd Harry Bean, 3rd Andre Ducharme, 4th Rick Couto
243-up (4)
1st Pete Milano, 2nd James Patterson, 3rd Kurt Howgate, 4th John Daigle
Masters Open (5)
1st James Patterson, 2nd Badger Drews, 3rd Harry Bean, 4th Andre Ducharme
Left Novice
144-176 (3)
1st Robert Bare, 2nd Tim Van Blaricom, 3rd Frank Burbee
177-198 (3)
1st Todd Van Blaricom, 2ndDavid Gago, 3rd Joe Canazzi
199-up (3)
1st Tom Links, 2nd Jean Daigle, 3rd Todd Van Blaricom
Right Novice
144-176 (5)
1st Todd Van Blaricom, 2nd Dino Pandolfo, 3rd Mike Clark, 4th Jared Kozuch
177-198 (5)
1st Todd Vanby, 2nd Joe Canazzi, 3rd David Gago, 4th Ed Morse
199-up (5)
1st Tom Links, 2nd Adam Links, 3rd Todd Van Baricom, 4th Rick North
Ladies Right Light (5)
1st Sue Fischer, 2nd Jen Paridis, 3rd Ashlyn Sobeleski, 4th Heather Pirino
Ladies Right Heavy (5)
1st Jesselyn Gillette, 2nd Michelle Waller, 3rd Jen Devoid, 4th Beth Adams
Ladies Left Open (5)
1st Jesselyn Gillette, 2nd Jen Paridis, 3rd Jen Devoid, 4th Pam Ducharme
Kids 4-6 (2)
1st Cheyenne Sargent, 2nd Ayana Adams
Kids 7-9 (3)
1st Nick Daigle, 2nd Zac Sargent, 3rd Justin Canazzi
Kids 10-12 (5)
1st Reggi Kozuch, 2nd Kayla Daigle, 3rd Kelly Kozuch, 4th Emily Vinikoor
Teens 13-16 (8)
1st Joe Canazzi, 2nd Ryan Vigeant, 3rd Ricky Pagan, 4th Josh Vinikoor

Novice Overall Left & Right Winner-Tom Links

Jackets Winners In Overalls
Left Lightweight Overall Winner-Kyle Sillito
Left Heavyweight Overall Winner-Kurt Howgate
Right Lightweight Overall Winner-George Sheldrik
Right Heavyweight Overall Winner-Pete Milano
Masters Overall Winner-James Patterson
Ladies Right & Left Overall Winner-Jesselyn Gillette

$500.00 Money Box Winner- Jesselyn Gillette

10 Total Keys, Only Classes that qualified by having 5 entries or more out of 16 Classes
There were 94 Entries from 8 States & 1 entry from Toronto Canada, 10 Kids, & 8 Teens.
Refs were Chris Gangi, Bill Cox, Logan Miclette, & Josh Stark
MC & Scorekeeper's were Melissa Stark & Bob Miclette. Meet Directors were Josh & Melissa Stark.



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