2006 Colorado State Armwrestling Championships
Alamosa, CO. October 14, 2006.
Presented by Mile High Armsports.
Tournament Directors: Jeff Ames, Travis Berggren, Rick Cisneros.
Referees: Leonard Harkless, Rick Cisneros, Travis Berggren, Rich Simpson, Chris Rapp.
Scorekeepers: Denise Wattles, Jenny Kaufman.
States represented: CO, WY, LA, NE, NM, MT.
Total entries: 106.
Boy's/Girls 5-6 - Bobbie Claflin/Aidan Ames.
Boys 7-9 - Wyatt Perrin/Bryce Stark/Justin Rapp/Brice Authier.
Boys 10-12 - Fabian Sanchez/Bryce Stark.
Girls 13-15 - Kelsey Simmons/Brooke Perrin/Kayla Harr.
Boys 13-15 - Josh Chavez/Brody Claflin.
Boys 16-18 - David Warren/Anthony Llanez/Josh Chavez.
Men's Novice Right 0-154 - Kyle Child/Roy Castleberry/Anthony Llanez/John Newman.
Men's Novice Right 155-176 - Carman Leone/Matt Cantu/Matthew McKee/Kevin Claflin.
Men's Novice Right 177-198 - Steve Edwards/Doug Simmons.
Men's Novice Right 199-242 - Steven Miller/Benny Martinez.
Men's Novice Right 243+ - David Warren/Peter Snow.
Men's Amateur Right 133-154 - Kyle Child/Jarrod Painter/Roy Castleberry/Anthony Llanez.
Men's Amateur Right 155-176 - Kyle Child/Heath Berggren.
Men's Amateur Right 177-198 - Jeff Workman/Bob Keller/Bret Freeman/Steve Edwards.
Men's Amateur Right 199-242 - Mark Clay/Chris Kaufman/Justin Kaufman/Bret Freeman.
Men's Amateur Right 243+ - Jeff Carlton/David Warren/Jason Perrin/Peter Snow.
Men's Amateur Left 0-154 - Anthony Llanez/Roy Castleberry.
Men's Amateur Left 155-176 - Matt Cantu/Carman Leone/Kevin Claflin.
Men's Amateur Left 177-198 - Jeff Workman/Bret Freeman/Bob Keller.
Men's Amateur Left 199-242 - Justin Kaufman/Chris Kaufman/Bret Freeman.
Men's Amateur Left 243+ - Jason Perrin/Peter Snow.
Men's Pro Right 0-154 - Corey Miller/Roger Nowatske/Thomas Chavez/Jarrod Painter.
Men's Pro Right 155-176 - Emlyn Williams/Matt Cady/Kevin Harris/Russ Stark.
Men's Pro Right 177-220 - Rich Simpson/Roger Nowatske/Allen Hester/Larry Ermini.
Men's Pro Right 221+ - Travis Berggren/Mark Clay/Chris Kaufman/Kevin Harris.
Men's Pro Left 0-176 - Emlyn Williams/Andy Authier/Matt Cady/Corey Miller.
Men's Pro Left 177-220 - Rich Simpson/Jaron Janack/Justin Kaufman/Matt Cady.
Men's Pro Left 221+- Rich Simpson/Jason Perrin/Chris Kaufman.
Women's Open Right 0-126 - Kelsey Simmons.
Women's Open Right 144+ - Brandy Stark/Janet Hough/Stacy Curtis/Joleen Funk.
Women's Open Left - Brandy Stark/Stacy Curtis/Janet Hough.
Supermatch: Russ Stark vs. Kevin Harris. - Winner - Russ Stark (3-0)
Men's Right Overall - Kyle Child.
Men's Left Overall - Matt Cantu.
Women's Right Overall - Brandy Stark.




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