July 2006

            This year's Unified's is expected to have close to 500 entries.  Hopefully all that are planning to attend  have booked their hotel room by now.   This will also be the final leg of the triple crown, there are now just 5 pullers left with a chance to win.  They are Harold Owens, Steve Rau, Ron Klemba, Lee Culpepper & Cobra Rhodes.  The total prize money is $5,100.00.  I would like to wish Good Luck to all 5 and especially our own Ron Klemba.   This is also a qualifier for the Arnold.   You can find info about the Arnold on the USA site:      Hope to see a lot of old friends at this year's National.


            We are trying to organize a couple of referee clinics at some of the local IAF events.  If anyone would be interested in learning how to referee please e-mail me and I will let you know when and where.  We will also post this info on the IAF Message Board and the Northeast Board.  Hopefully we can get enough interest in this to generate some new ref's.  This idea was suggested by our VT State Director, Karen Curavoo.  Great idea Karen.




Allentown Sportsfest

July 8th  2006

Allentown,  PA


Woman 0-141 1st Pam Ducharme RI, Heather Pirino Pa.   Woman 141& up 1st Melinda Lauver Pa., 2nd Kristin Yasinski Pa., 3rd. Christina Lewis.      Mens Left 0-176 1st Daryl Miller, Pa. 2nd Justin Kopa., Pa.,  3rd.  Tom Morgan     Mens 177 &  up 1st Dustin Morgan ,Pa.  2nd Todd Opitz, N.J. 3rd Andre Ducharme, RI.     Mens Right  0-154 1st Alex Petsuashili , Georgia, Russia 2nd Mike Beradine Pa.  3rd George Yasinski Pa.    Mens Rt 155-176   1st Alex Pretsuashili Georgia, Russia   2nd Bill Marini Ny.  3rd Mick Wilhide Pa.    Mens Rt 177-198  1st Dustin Morgan Pa.   2nd Billy Lucas Pa. 3rd. John Morgan Pa.   Mens 199-220  1st Andre Ducharme RI   2nd Tim Lewis Pa.   3rd Billy Lewis Pa  Mens 221& Up   1st Eric Opitz N.J.   2nd Todd Opitz, N.J.    3rd Ken Hampa Pa.     Thank you all for coming.    There were 48 entries .     IAF Sanctioned      Meet Director was  Mike Ondrovic. 



Lamolle County Fair
July, 2006

Men's Right  0-154:
1st: Marc Wheelock
2nd: Brad Barup
3rd: Steven Lareau


MEN'S RIGHT155-176:
1st: Greg Sharon
2nd: Brayton Gillett
3rd: Richard Gravel
MENS RIGHT 177-198:
1st: George Sheldrick
2nd: Pete Tallman
3rd: Mitch Shatney
MENS RIGHT 199-220
1st: George Sheldrick
2nd: Harry Bean
3rd: Richard Gagne
1st: George Sheldrick
2nd: Bill Harvey
3rd: Harry Bean
1st: Jessalyn Gillett
2nd: Sarena Moodie
3rd: Jen Devoid
1st: Theresa Howard
2nd: Jessalyn Gill
3rd: Ashley Bullard
MENS LEFT 0 -154:
1st: Steve Larue
2nd: Dana Bourdeau
3rd: Rick Spaulding
MENS LEFT 155-176:
1st: Dustin Burns
2nd: Chris Gobby
3rd: Greg Sharon
MENS LEFT 177-198:
1st: Claude Brown
2nd: Jordan Benoit
3rd: Pete Tallman
MENS LEFT 199 +:
1st: Harry Bean
2nd: Brian Clark
3rd: Andy Ducharme




Upcoming Events



            August 5/6.   The USA Unified National Championship will be held at the Doubletree Hotel in Denver, CO.  The Open competition will be held on Saturday and the Master's competition will be held on Sunday.  This is the only qualifier for the World Championship being held in Manchester, England later this year.  This is also the final leg of the Triple Crown and a qualifier for the Arnold Event.  All 1st & 2nd place will qualify for Team USA to go to England.  There is expected to be close to 500 entries this year.  For more info call Bill Collins @ 209-826-2873 or email @





            September 16.   The September Slamdown will be held at the City Sports Grill in Bristol, CT. Classes for Men's Right & Left Open, Men's Right Novice, Men's Right Master's and Women's Right Open.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  For more info call Chris Gangi @ 860-585-7716



September 22/24.   The PAC World Championship will be held at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.  The Pro Classes will be run on Saturday and the Amateur Classes will be run on Sunday.  Over $21,000.00 in Cash for the Pro Class.  Check out the Mohegan Sun Casino at      For more info or to register on line:     You will save $25 if you register on line instead of waiting for the day of the event.



            October 29 to November 6.   The World Championship will be held at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, England.  There could very well be over 1,000 entries from 40 countries.  The BAWF is this year's host.  For more info go to their web site:    or e-mail Neil Pickup at   



            November 18.   The Western PA Championship will be held at the  Stable Pit & Pub in Conneaut Lake, PA.  Men's Right & Left Open, Men's Right Masters, Women's Right Open and Kids classes will be offered.  Weigh-ins from 3pm to 4:30pm, contest starts at 5pm.   Overall for Men's right & left hand classes.  For more info call Bob Stanger @ 724-588-2879.



            For a more complete list of upcoming tournaments check out the  United States Armsports site    The Northeast Board:     There are a lot of tournaments in Canada that you can find a link to on the IAF message board,  there is a link there under upcoming tournaments:



            We will be updating the Women's Ranking sometime in the middle of August.  Hopefully there will be a lot of Ladies in attendance at the Unified Nationals to help settle some of the disputes as to who is ranked where.  The way the ranking is done is by a panel of women armwrestlers , they submit a list of names they believe should be listed by weight class.  Then I eliminate all double names and make up one list and send it back to the panel so that they can cast their votes on where the women should be ranked.  They send their list back to me and I tally up the results.  I then post them on the Women's Ranking Page:     The same is done for the Canadian Women's Ranking.  I have no say in who gets picked for the list or what place they are listed at, I am only the middle man.   There doesn't seem to be any interest in doing the European Women's Ranking so I may just discontinue that.  All the panel except one has resigned in Europe.






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