September 2006

            With the PAC World Championship over I would like to provide some info you might not be aware of.  This event is the same event that was run in Petaluma, CA for all those years.  It was started in 1952 by Dave Devoto and Bill Soberanes.   In 1962  they  first used the name World Wristwrestling Championship(WWC).  They were on Wide World Of Sports from 1969 to 1984.  A couple of years ago they changed to armwrestling as that is where the sport was heading.   This year they again changed from WWC to PAC and for the first time ever they ran their World Championship on the East Coast.  This was the event held at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.  The event was filmed by ESPN to be aired later.  ESPN was very happy with the event as was the Mohegan Sun.  The Casino has invited PAC to come back again.  The event was packed with top pullers such as John Brzenk and Allen Fisher, there were also top competitors representing England, Russia and Brazil and Canada.  Dave & John have stated that next year will be bigger and better.   Along with a World Title you also had a chance to win part of the $22,000.00 in cash awards.  Results are posted on the PAC,USAF,IAF sites and also on the Northeast Board.  Congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to all the came to support the Tournament.

             Team USA is almost full.  There are still spots open in the Women's classes, plus a few in the Men's classes.  This years World Championship in England should be the biggest ever.  Along with the US  Canada will have a good size team.  Brazil has pledged to bring about 40 pullers.  England will have a full team.  If you are interested you can check out the Team on the Northeast Board.   Team Canada is posted on the CAWF Board.

             In case anyone has not heard about the name change,  United States Armsports(USA) has changed it's name to United States Armwrestling Federation(USAF).  The official web site for USAF is:     The President is Bill Collins from CA.  The Sec/Tres. Is Bill Cox from MA.  If you have any questions about USAF or your association would like to become a member you can contact Bill Collins @ 209-704-0564 or e-mail to  or Bill Cox @ 508-947-8958  or  e-mail to  


            We are planning on doing a series of referee clinics at upcoming events.  This is for anyone interested in becoming a referee or for anyone interested in learning the rules.  You can qualify to become a referee at IAF events and most other events in the Northeast.  This won't qualify you as a WAF referee.  You need to take that test at Nationals or at the World Championship.  We have two sessions setup for now.  The NH State Championship and the CT Fall Classic.  There may be one in November on the Cape.  If interested please show up about an hour before the event.



1.  A referee is a person that has to make a call in less than 1/10 of a second.

2.  A ref has to stand for 4 to 8 hrs and call 100 matches.

3.  A ref is a person who has to watch elbows, arms, hands, shoulders, chins and call fouls.

4 . A ref on one call has everyone cheering and the next call booing.

5.  A ref is a person that has to put personal friendship aside for the day.

6.  A ref is a person that goes home at night thinking about the calls made and hoping they were all correct.

7.  A ref is called everything but pretty during the contest. After they are told what a great job they did by the winners and how blind they were by the loserís.

8.  A ref has to have the patience of a Saint.

9.  A ref is thought to be subhuman, but in reality has to have the heart of a Lion, the eyes of an Eagle, nerves of steel and the strength of Hercules

10.  A ref has to live with their calls, right or wrong.

11.  A ref is a person that after the contest picks up his or her child and says, ďNot everyone hates me, unless Mom was one of the loserís.   The armwrestler's need to be more cooperative with the refís and show a little more understanding.  The Refís are there to make the sport a little better and safer.  No one is Perfect.



Upcoming Events


            October 21st.   The 6th NH State Championship will be held at the Paradise Beach Club on Weirs Beach in Laconia, NH.  This event will be a benefit for the Skip Wilson Cancer Fund.  All proceeds will go the the Skip Wilson.  Classes for Men's Right Open, Men's Right Novice, Men's Left,  Women's Right Open, Teens and Kids.  Trophies for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  Overall for the Men & Women's classes.  There will be door prizes and raffels all day long.  There will also be a referee clinic from Noon to 1pm.   Weigh-ins from 11am to 12:30pm.   IAF Sanctioned Event.  For more info call Harry or Priscilla Bean the Meet Directors at 603-524-2640 or 603-455-6115.



            October 28th.   The 7th CT Fall Classic will be held at the  City Sports Grill in Farmington, CT.  There will be 28 classes offered for Men, Women, Teens and Kids.  Awards for all the Open classes, Teens receive Trophies and Kids receive Medals.   Custom Embroidered Satin Jackets for Overall Winners in the Open Right & Left Lightweight & Heavyweight classes, Masters and Ladies Open Right & Left Classes.  There will be a $500.00 Cash Box for one lucky 1st place finisher.  There will also be a referee clinic held from 1pm to 2pm.  Weigh-ins from 10am to 1:30pm on Saturday and on Friday night from 7pm to 10pm.  For more info call Josh or Melissa  Stark the Meet Directors @ 860-584-2267.


            The Women's Ranking has been updated.    Http://   







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