March 2006

             There are a lot of money events set for armwrestling this year. Between Canada and the US. Another big thing that has statrted is the supermatch or challenge match. This seems to be a way of the future, the first one's around our area were run be Peter Milano and James Retarides.  I now see them set up all over the country as well as Canada.  Just wondering what everyone thinks about these matches.  I have heard a lot of positive as well as negative views on these matches. I think the idea is a good one.  If you think you are better than someone what better way to prove it than one on one. If you believe in yourself that much and can afford the money why not throw out a challenge.  I will be posting a poll on the subject of supermatches on the IAF link's page.  Let me know what you think.






3rd Annual WinterBlast Results - Total Entries 84

 Brady's Irish Pub   Bensalem, PA


Mens Right 0-154

1.  Mike Surplus   2. Jim Aiello  3.  George Yashinski


Mens Right 155-176

1. Mike Surplus  2. Ron Klemba  3. Justin Kopa


Mens Right 177-198

1. Josh Stark  2. Casey Krankel  3. Ron Ermini


Mens Right 199-220

1. Steve Carbone  2. Frank Hirst  3. Byron Royer


Mens Right 221- 242

1. Marc Fischer  2. Frank Hirst


Mens Right 243+

1. Luke Eldridge  2. Harry Bean  3. James Retarides


Mens Left 0-176

1. Ron Klemba  2. Justin Kopa  3. Ralph Petrazzuoli


Mens Left 177-198

1. Josh Stark  2. Dave Mount  3. Ron Ermini


Mens Left 199-220

1. Byron Royer  2. Steve Carbone  3. Frank Hirst


Mens Left 221-242

1. Chris Ratchford  2. James Retarides  3. Frank Hirst


Mens Left 243+

1. Luke Eldridge  2. Chris Ratchford  3. Harry Bean


Womens Right 0-147

1. Arlene Pfeiffer  2. Heather Perino  3. Michelle Walter


Womens 0-147+

1. Cindy Looney  2. Kristin Yashinski  3. Shelby Bailey


Novice 0 - 176

1. Daryl Miller  2. Mike Beradine  3. Colt Aiello


Novice 177-198

1.  Dustin Morgan  2. Mike Osif  3. Billy Morgan


Novice 199+

1.  Travis Miller  2. Carlos Beltran  3. Stephen Vilardo



Mens Right:  Luke Eldridge   Mens Left:  Luke Eldridge  Womens:  Cindy Looney


A Special Thanks To:

Refs:  Jim Bryan, Bill Cox, and Tom Simko

Brackets:  Brenda Bryan

 Meet Director   Sue Fischer

IAF Sanctioned Event



Annual Mid-Winter Warm-Up
February 25, 2006 Middlebury, VT

Menís Right Open
0-154 1st Chad Alderman(VT), 2nd Matt Gundrum(NY), 3rd Adam Laframboise(VT)

155-176 1st Ken McKinney(NY), 2nd Greg Sharon(VT), 3rd Brad Barup(VT)

177-198 1st Josh Stark(CT), 2nd Shawn Warner(VT), 3rd Scott Chmielewski(VT)

199-220 1st George Sheldrick(VT), 2nd Badger Drewes(NH), 3rd Andre Ducharme(RI)

221+ 1st Harry Bean(NH), 2nd Andre Ducharme(RI), 3rd Jeremy Towle(NH)

Menís Left Open
0-154 1st Rob Ketcham(VT), 2nd Dana Bourdeau(VT), 3rd Heather Pembrook(VT)

155-176 1st Greg Sharon(VT), 2nd Chris Roy(MA), 3rd Jamie Hoburn(VT)

177-198 1st Bill Sinks(VT), 2nd Josh Stark(CT), 3rd Shawn Warner(VT)

199-220 1st Badger Drewes(NH), 2nd Tony Niemo(VT), 3rd Carlos Beltarn(CT)

221+ 1st Harry Bean(NH), 2nd Brian Clark(VT), 3rd Jeremy Towle(NH)

Womenís Right Open
0-132 1st Jessalynn Gillett(VT), 2nd Pam Ducharme(RI), 3rd Jennifer Devoid(VT)

133+ 1st Karen Curavoo(VT), 2nd Thersea Howard(VT), 3rd Heather Pembrook(VT)

Menís Right - Harry Bean(NH) Menís Left - Bill Sinks(VT) Womenís - Karen Curavoo(VT)

There were 89 entries from 6 states. Referees were Bill Cox and Joe Fitzsimmons
Tournament Director was George Sheldrick. Brackets were done by Christina Bourgeois.

IAF Sanctioned Event






Upcoming Events


            April 29.  The 13th Annual White Mtn Championship will be held at Fratello's Italian Restaurant located in the Mill at Loon Mtn on Rte 112 in Lincoln, NH.  Men's Right Open, Right Novice, left Open and Women's Right Open classes.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.Special room rate at the Rivergreen Resort of $52.00 per night.  For reservations call 800-654-6182 and ask for armwrestling rate.  Check out the Hotel at:    IAF Sanctioned Event.  For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958 or e-mail me at  


          May 13.   The 1st Annual Connecticut Pro Pull-Off will be held at Sports Rock on Farmington Ave in Bristol, CT.  Men's Right Open, Men's Right Masters, Men's Left and Women's Right.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.   For more info call Chris Gangi at 860-585-7716   AAA Event


            May 20.   Tournament to be named later.  Will be held at the Paradise Beach Club on Weir's Beach in Laconia, NH.  There will be classes for Men, Women and Children.  More info in next months newsletter.  For more info call the Meet Directors Harry & Priscilla at 603-524-2640   IAF Sanctioned Event.


            May 27.   The 7th Annual Delaware Valley Strongarm Challenge will be held at the PA Fair located on the grounds of the Philadelphia Park Racetrack in Bensalem, PA.  Men's Right Open, Men's Right Novice, Men's Left and Women's Right classes.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.

IAF Sanctioned Event.  For more info call Bill at  508-947-8958


            May 27.   The 30th Annual Vermont State Championships will be held at the American Legion Post in Middlebury, VT.  Classes for Men's Right & Left and Ladies Right & Left. Championship Jackets for all 1st place, trophies for 2nd & 3rd.     AAA Event.  For more info call  Bill or Karen at 802-545-2402 or 802-545-6000.






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