April 2006 

            The Can-Am was a big success.  We had 145 entries from 5 countries and 10 states.  The Russian pullers were really tough.  The 19 year old in the 154lb class was unstoppable.  The super matches went off without any problem.  The referees did a great job as I was told by a number of competitors.  The brackets were done on computer by Joe Milano and the whole event was done by 8pm.  I believe that the computer is the way to go at tournaments.  I want to thank everyone that helped make this another great event.

            We will be doing an update for the Women's Ranking this month.  Hopefully we can post the results of the voting by the end of the month.    Be sure to check for the update.

             There is a new concept for armwrestling, it is called the Triple Crown of Armwrestling.  It consist of 3 National tournaments.  The USAA Pro Am National, the AAA Nationals and the USA Unified Nationals.  The object is to win all 3 events.  Each association has posted 500.00 plus there are numerous other donations totaling $4,700.00.   For a full list of sponsors and rules you can check out the IAF message board, the Northeast Board and the USAA site: http://usarmwrestling/  



2006 Canadian American Championship

Held at the Holiday Inn, Taunton, MA


Men's Right Open


  1. Alex Kovalchuk(Russia)  2. Gabe Accardi(MA)   3. Norm Devio(MA)


  1. Tony Kitowski(WI)   2. Ron Klemba(CT)    3.  Jeremy Hurst(WI)


  1. Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)   2. Victor Sargent(CT)    3.  Jim Witt(MA)


  1. Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)   2. Rob Sasso(NY)   3. James Retarides(CT)



  1. Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)   2. Bob Mock(NH)   3. Chris Ratchford(PA)


  1. Jerry Cadorette(MA)   2. Eric Guevin(ME)   3.  Tim Bresnan(CT)


Men's Left


  1. Alex kovalchuk(Russia)   2. Tim Sears(MA)   3. Joe Lagasse(RI)


  1. Jeremy Hurst(WI)   2. Tony Kitowski(WI)   3. Rob Vigeant(NH)


  1. Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)   2. Darren Courtemarche(NH)   3. Eric Stark(CT)


  1. Rob Sasso(NY)   2. Arthur Drewes(NH)   3. Frank Hirst(CT)


  1. Kurt Howgate(ME)   2. Shawn Freeman(NY)   3. Cory Bussell(ME)


 Right Men'sMaster's


  1. Bob Columbe(NY)


  1. Ron Klemba(CT)   2. Rick Brunell(NH)   3. Vic Sargent(CT)


  1. Ray Darling(NY)   2. Jim Fitzsimmons(MA)   3. Arthur Drewes(NH)


  1. Tim Bresnan(CT)   2. James Patterson(MA)   3. Jan Schmeichel(MA)


Ladies Right Open


  1. Miriline Berrouet(NY)   2. Jessalynn Gilette(VT)   3. Jennifer Devoid(VT)


  1. Heather Pembrook(VT)   2. Kim Laphaqm(MA)   3. Pam Ducharme(RI)


  1. Cindy Looney(CT)   2. Heather Pembrook


Men's Right Open Overall Winner was:  Alex Kovalchuk(Russia)

Men's Right Masters Overall Winner was:  Ron Klemba(CT)

Men's Left Overall Winner was:  Kurt Howgate(ME)

Women's Right Open Overall Winner was:  Cindy Looney(CT). 



       Team Results

  1. Connecticut
  2. Massachusetts
  3. New York


         Supermatch Results

Tony Kitowski  3     Gabe Accardi  0

Jeremy Hurst  3    Scott Latella  0

Angel Cosme  3    Jeremy Hurst  0

Alex Kovalchuk  3     Michael Surplus  0


            There were 145 entries from USA, Russia, Brazil, Sweden and Slovakia with competitors from 10 states.  Referees were Tim Sears, Jan Schmeichel, Dale Urbank, Willy Hargrove, Bill Cox, Chris Gangi, Vic Sargent & Josh Stark.   Brackets were done on computer by Joe Milano.   Meet Directors were Bill & Gerry Cox.    IAF Sanctioned Event

 Upcoming Events

            May 13.   1st Annual Connecticut Pro Pull-Off will be held at Sports Rock USA in Bristol, CT.

There will be Men's Right, Men's Left, Men's Right Masters and Womens Right hand classes.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Overalls for all 4 classes.  AAA Sanctioned.  Weigh-ins from 10am to 12:30pm.  Meet Director is Chris Gangi.  For more info call Chris at  860-585-7716.


            May 20.  The Granite Arms Classic will be held at the Paradise Beach Club at Weir's Beach, NH.  Men's Right Open, Men's Right Novice, Men's Right Masters, Women's Right Open and Kids classes will be offered.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.   Meet Directors are Harry & Priscilla Bean.  IAF Sanctioned Event.   For more info call Harry at  603-524-2640


            May 27.  The 7th Annual Delaware Valley Strong Arm Challenge will be held at the PA Fair, located at the Philadelphia Park Race Track on Street Rd in Bensalem, PA.  Men's right open, men's right novice, men's left and women's right open.  Trophies for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  Weigh-ins from Noon till 1:30PM.    IAF Sanctioned Event.    Meet Directors are Bill & Gerry Cox.   For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.


            May 27.  The 30th Annual Vermont State Championship will be held at the American Legion Post on Wilson Rd in Middlebury, VT.  Men's right & left hand, Women's right & left hand classes.  Championship Jacket for all 1st place. Trophies for 2nd & 3rd place.   AAA Sanctioned Event.   Meet Directors are Bill Sinks & Karen Curavoo.  For more info call:  802-545-2402 or 802-545-6000.

             June 17.   The NAA tournament will be held at the Black Bear Saloon on Washington St in South Norwalk, CT.  There will be right and left hand classes for men & women.  There will also be a handful of challenge matches.  For more info check on the challenge matches check out the Northeast Board.

             June 18.   The 8th Annual Bikers Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon on Rte 3 in Laconia, NH.  Men's right open, men's right masters, men's left and women's right.  Awards for 1st to 3rd in all classes.  IAF Sanctioned Event.   Meet Directors are Bill & Gerry Cox.   For more info call Bill at  508-947-8958

             The Triple Crown will consist of 3 events.  The USAA National Pro-Am Championship on May 12-14, 2006 at the Casino in Rising Sun, IN.  Then the AAA Nationals on June 2-3, 2006 to be held in Mason, OH and the USA Unified Nationals on August 4-6, 2006 at the Doubletree Hotel in Denver, CO.   Competitor must win all 3 events in the same class.  The total money posted so far is 4,700.00.  If only one person wins all 3 then they would receive all the money, if more than one does it then the money will be split.  Details are posted on the USAA site: 

            Be sure to check the IAF tournament page for more events, also the Northeast Board and the USA site.   We have a flyer for the 2006 World Championship in England posted on the tournament page if you are looking for info about the World Championship.



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