2005 California "Open" State Arm Wrestling Championship
Date: June 18, 2005
Place: Victorville California, Mojave Narrows Regional Park
          held in conjunction with Huck Finn Jubilee, the largest bluegrass festival
          west of the Mississippi!
Sponsors: Huck Finn Jubilee and SHED WORLD!
Tournament Director/MC: Randy Sampias
Sign-ups/ Scorekeeper: Cay Sampias
Referees: Bob Eazor & Harold Ryden
Contestants were lined up at 9am to sign-up and weigh-in! and they kept coming! If this tournament
had to be summed up in one word, it would be "AWESOME"!
Shed World provided us with a great stage and a bunch of collectable T-shirts again this year!
This tournament drew competitors from across the country along with a bunch of the seasoned
veterans, and a whole new crop of up and comers!
Our hats off to the team from Arizona! These guys came to compete! They took several of the
first place titles back home to Arizona! Good Job Guys!
Right Hand Bantam division started off with a field of 12 competitors and some unbelievable
upsets from some new up and comers!
RIGHT HAND BANTAM WIGHT                                              LEFT HAND BANTAM WIGHT
1st Jaimie Sheldon, Riverside, CA                                    1st Jacob Smith, Carlsbad, CA
2nd Jacob Smith, Carlsbad, CA                                          2nd Brent Norris, Quincy, LA
3rd Sean Meier, Highland, CA                                             3rd Luke Cote, Great Falls, MO
Right Hand Lightweight Division saw Harold Ryden retain his title for the fourth consecutive year!
RIGHT HAND LIGHTWEIGHT                                                 LEFT HAND LIGHTWEIGHT & MIDDLE
1ST Harold Ryden, San Marcos, CA                                    1ST Eric Wolfe, Phoenix, AZ
2nd Brent Norris, Quincy, LA                                               2nd Scott Partington, Fullerton, CA
3rd Jeff Petritz, Victorville, CA                                            3rd Harold Ryden, San Marcos, CA
1st Eric Wolfe, Phoenix, AZ
2nd Scott Partington, Fullerton, CA
Light heavyweight division, Heavyweight division and Super Heavyweight division saw Don McClary enter all
three of these divisions and go undefeated all day until the finals!. Then the cunning strategy of Phoenix Arms,
the team from Arizona. The last divisions of the day, the Arizona boys went to work on the seemingly unstopable
Don McClary. No matter which division we jumped to, McClary was on the table. This was an unbelievable
display tenacity and duration by Don McClary. As McClary began to tire out, a fresh Arizona competitor came to the
table and unseated McClary from his first place position. MCClary had the crowd on their feet! He was getting
little or no rest between matches, with the next Arizona competitor on the table spurring on McClary to get on
the table! It was a real display of team work as they tactfully broke down McClary's stamina. WOW!
Hats off to McClary and the team from Arizona!
1st Eric Wolfe, Phoenix, AZ                                                1st Eric Wolfe, Phoenix, AZ
2nd Don McClary, Moreno Valley, CA                                 2nd Mike Wildey, Lake Elsenor, CA
3rd Lynn Brower, Hawthorn, CA                                          3rd Robert Coppla, Monterey, CA
RIGHT HAND HEAVYWEIGHT                                                 LEFT HAND HEAVYWEIGHT
1st Don McClary, Moreno Valley, CA                                    1st Ruben Ruiz, Mesa, AZ
2nd Travis Libuse, Victorville, CA                                        2nd Robert Coppla, Monterey, CA
3rd Robert Coppla, Monterey, CA                                          3rd Vance VanHoosen, Hesperia, CA
1st Don McClary, Moreno Valley, CA                                    1st Richard Chacon, Mesa, AZ
2nd Richard Chacon, Mesa, AZ                                            2nd Anthony Marino, Apple Valley, CA
3rd Larry Kibe, Hesperia, CA                                                3rd Robert Petritz, Victorville, CA


                                            WOMENS DIVISION
                                            1st Cynthia Triplett, Saugus, CA
                                             2nd Sarah Sampias, Apple Valley, CA
                                            3rd Alicia Valdez, Hesperia, CA
A special thanks to our referees, we had a good safe crowd pleasing tournament!
Also, a special thank you to USA/WAF for their continued support and encouragement!
See You All Next Year!
Yours in Arm Wrestling
Randy Sampias





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