11th Annual USAA National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship

Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino – Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

May 14 & 15, 2005 – Tournament Directors – Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles


Senior Masters Right 0-198: Joe Churruca/ Charles Hughes/ Jay Parrish/ Mike Burgeson

Grand Masters Right 0-165: Mark Pennington/ Mike Burgeson

Grand Masters Right 166-198: John Burgeson/ Joe Churruca

Grand Masters Right 199+: Sammie Hattabaugh/ Joe Ramirez

Masters Left 0-154: Gene Dunn/ Victor Torres

Masters Left 155-176: Zee Bugaj/ Mark Pennington

Masters Left 199-220: John Shipes/ Robert Coppla

Masters Left 221+: Andy “Conan” Medak/ Greg Johnston/ Robert Coppla/ John Shipes

Masters Right 0-154: Gene Dunn/ Victor Torres

Masters Right 155-176: Steve Jeffryes/ Zee Bugaj/ Mark Pennington

Masters Right 177-198: Joe Churruca/ Steve Jeffryes

Masters Right 199-220: Robert Coppla/ John Shipes

Masters Right 221+: Tim Bresnan/ Sammie Hattabaugh/ Andy ‘Conan” Medak/ Greg Johnston

Amateur Left 0-154: Victor Torres

Amateur Left 155-176: Russell Jodrey/ Victor Torres/ Dean Walters/ Mark Pennington

Amateur Left 177-198: Barrett Smallwood/ Michael Donahue/ Jon Donahue

Amateur Left 199+: Tomasz Pacynski/ Chris Daniels/ John Shaw/ Andy “Conan” Medak

Amateur Right 0-154: Victor Torres/ Kyle Depadi

Amateur Right 155-176: Dean Walters/ Kurt Wilson/ Michael Donahue/ Mark Pennington

Amateur Right 177-198: Barrett Smallwood/ Jon Donahue/ Adam Martin

Amateur Right 199-242: John Shaw/ Tomasz Pacynski/ Robert Coppla/ Greg Johnston

Amateur Right 243+: John Shaw/ Andy “Conan” Medak/ Greg Johnston

Ladies Amateur Right Open: Georgia Hansen

Novice Left 0-154: Pat Harlow/ Austin Castiglione

Novice Left 155-176: Chad Wanner/ Russell Jodrey/ Michael Donahue/ Luke Kindt

Novice Left 177-198: Michael Donahue/ Jon Donahue

Novice Left 199+: Jim Watson/ Rusty Sandoval

Novice Right 0-154: Austin Castiglione/ Sean Bowman/ Sean Town

Novice Right 155-176: Russell Jodrey/ Michael Donahue/ Chad Wanner/ Kraig Ferreira

Novice Right 177-198: Matt Dellavella/ Dan White/ Jon Donahue

Novice Right 199+: Jim Watson/ Ryan Weaver/ Chris Daniels/ Steve Richard

Pro Left 0-154: Gene Dunn/ Jeremy Plaster

Pro Left 155-176: Chris Chandler/ Darren Wartena/ Chad Wanner/ Mike McGraw

Pro Left 177-198: Kenny Hughes/ John Brzenk/ Bryan Johnson/ Aaron Mejia

Pro Left 199-242: Matt Girdner/ Allen Ferreira/ John Brzenk/ Brian Brandon

Pro Left 243+: Matt Girdner/ Tom Nelson/ John Brzenk/ Chris Daniels

Ladies Pro Right 0-143: Tamara Mitts/ Judy Dodd/ Jennifer Hoffert/ Valerie Beach

Ladies Pro Right 144+: Kelli Nelson/ Tamara Mitts/ Valerie Beach/ Jessie French

Men’s Pro Right 0-154: Simon Berriochoa/ Jeremy Plaster/ Chris Phillips/ Gene Dunn

Men’s Pro Right 155-176: Mike McGraw/ Chris Chandler/ Simon Berriochoa/ Darren Wartena

Men’s Pro Right 177-198: Bill Brzenk/ John Brzenk/ Kenny Hughes/ Herman McCoy

Men’s Pro Right 199-242: John Brzenk/ Matt Girdner/ Chuck Kendricks/ Brian Brandon

Men’s Pro Right 243+: Tim Bresnan/ John Brzenk/ Brian Brandon/ Matt Girdner

Amateur/Masters Men’s Right & Left Hand Overall Champion: Gene Dunn

Amateur/Masters Best Sportsmanship Award: Robert Coppla

Amateur/Masters Team Champions: Masters Club – Steve Jeffryes, Team Captain

Professional Men’s Left Hand Overall Champion: Kenny Hughes

Professional Men’s Right Hand Overall Champion: Bill Brzenk

Professional Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Kelli Nelson

Professional Best Sportsmanship Award – Bob Brown

Professional Team Champions: California Armbenders – Mike McGraw, Team Captain





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