2005 Riverboat Rumble Pro-Am Armwrestling

Grand Victoria Resort – Rising Sun, IN – September 10th

Novice Right 0-154:James Zurlinden/Ted Ingledue/Bruce Guinzey/Harley Roberts/ 

                                 5th –Corby Shelleberger/Nathan Wolfe

Novice Right 155-176: Zachery Massey

Novice Right 177-198: Jeff Lowe/ Dale Morris/ Brandon Thompson

Novice Right 199+: Josh Mobley/ Ron Slattery/ Mike Shembaugh/ John Shipes/

                                 5th – Darren Holt/Jermaine Lucas

Amateur Left 0-154: Bill Brown/ Dennis Kohlbeck/ William Lucas/ Harley Roberts

Amateur Left 155-176: Rusty Thiel/ Dusty Thiel

Amateur Left 177-198: Ryan Barnet/ Greg Fowler/ Jim Ingledue/ Rusty Thiel/

                                    5th – Dusty Thiel/Shawn Coil

Amateur Left 199-242: George Jordan/ John Shipes/ Shane Vasquez/ Chad Hamilton

Amateur Left 243+: Sunny Gay/ Donald Proctor

Ladies Amateur Right 0-143: Amanda Colegrave

Ladies Amateur Right 144+: Christy Rhodes/ Amanda Barnett/ Sherry Haist/ Carol Bergmann/ Amanda Colegrave

Amateur Right 0-154: Dennis Kohlbeck/William Lucas/ Ron Perry Jr./ Harley Roberts

Amateur Right 155-176: Chris Wagers/ Mike Adams/ Chris Marcum/ Jaime Perkins/

                                          5th – Dusty Thiel/Rusty Thiel

Amateur Rt 177-198:Ryan Barnett/ Shawn Coil/ Adam Martin/ Rodney Fowl/ Jason Norris

Amateur Rt 199-242: Chad Hamilton/ John Shipes/ Travis Miller/ Jeff Hill/ Shane Vasquez

Amateur Right 243+: Sunny Gay/ John Bates/ Tim Correll

Pro Left 0-165: Jeremy Hurst/ Bill Brown/ Anthony Snook/ Ryan Harding/ Willie Reagan

Pro Left 166-198: John Brzenk/ Steve Rau/ Bill Ballinger/ Tony Kitowski/

                              5th – Quinlan Mendez/Ryan Barnett

Pro Left 199+:Travis Bagent/Marcio Barboza/Harold Owens/ Michael Todd/ Pete Wabuda

Ladies Pro Right Open: Tamara Mitts/ Aline Dees/ Cindy Moody/ Carol Bergmann

Pro Right 0-165: Jeremy Hurst/ Anthony Snook/ Willie Reagan/ Ryan Harding/

                              Jamie Perkins/ Sean Fraley

Pro Right 166-198: John Brzenk/ Steve Rau/ Bill Ballinger/ Mike West/

                                5th – Rob Ziegler/Tony Kitowski

Pro Rt 199-242:John Brzenk/Marcio Barboza/Michael Todd/Blaine Middleton/Rod Moberly

Pro Rt 243+: John Brzenk/ Travis Bagent/ Sunny Gay/ John Bates/ Harold Owens/ Tim Correll

Men’s Left Hand Overall Champion: JOHN BRZENK

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Tamara Mitts

Men’s Right Hand Overall Champion: James Zurlinden

Best Sportsmanship Award: PeteWabuda






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