Rubber City Armwrestling Challenge

Main Street Saloon

Akron, Ohio

May 21, 2005

Tournament Director's: Gary Dubravetz/Willie Reagan

Head Referee: Ed Adkins

Men's Right Hand Division

             0-165lb 1st) Mike Meshe 2nd) Boomer Reagan 3rd) Chris Louive, Sr.

       166-187lb 1st) Bucky Keller 2nd) Jake Denoon 3rd) Mike Dawson

   188-205lb 1st) Rob Zeigler 2nd)Gary Dubravetz 3rd) John Bond 

 206lb + 1st)Bob Sutton 2nd)Rob Zeigler 3rd) Gary Dubravetz

Men's Left Hand Division

     0-165 1st)Chris Louive, Sr. 2nd) Willie Reagan 3rd)Dan Hillard

   166-187 1st)Mike Dawson 2nd)Jake Denoon 3rd)Mike O'Hara

      188lb + 1st)Bob Sutton 2nd)Gary Dubaravetz 3rd)Josh Hymore

Women's Right Hand Open

1st) Darlene Ingledue 2nd)Tracy Fry 3rd)Carol Bergmann

Right Hand Overall Champion

Bucky Keller

Left Hand Overall

Bob Sutton




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