28th Annual Amatuer Arm Wrestling Championships
Date: October 16, 2005
Place: Buena Park California, Williams Peak Park
           held in conjunction with Buena Parks Silverado Days!
Sponsor: Buena Park Noon Lions Club!
Time: High Noon
Tournament Director/MC: Randy Sampias
Sign-ups/ Scorekeeper: Cay Sampias
Referees: Bob Eazor & Lynn Brower
Contestants began wieghing in Saturday night and continued right up to
Sunday start time! Great turn out! Some really good talented competitors
came out to vie for the title and awards of this long time prestigious event!
Just as the bracketing was completed and the tournament about to begin,
it started to pour rain! Some last minute scrambling for awnings slightly
delayed the start time.
This has been a long time annual amatuer competition! This year a bunch
of new first time competitors made their début! And WOW! there is some
great new raw talent coming into the sport!
Right Hand Bantam saw first time competitor John Dabo go undefeated into the finals and
then loose two in a row to new comer Jamie Sheldon!
RIGHT HAND BANTAM WEIGHT                                 WOMEN'S DIVISION
1st  Jamie Sheldon, Riverside, CA                            1st  Joanna Bailey, Rosamond, CA
2nd John Dabo, Hollister, CA                                    2nd Cynthia Triplett, Saugus, CA
3rd  Victor Torrez, Sacramento, CA
Right hand lightweight division was loaded with awesome first time competitors! First timer
US Marine David Hylko going undefeated for 1st! First timer Joshua Flood from Arizona
taking 2nd!
1st  David Hylko, 29 Palms, CA                            1st  Victor Torrez, Sacramento, CA
2nd Joshua Flood, Showlow, AZ                           2nd David Hylko, 29 Palms, CA
3rd  Victor Torrez, Sacramento, CA                       3rd  Joshua Flood, Showlow, AZ
1st  Sebastian Lopez, Woodland Hills, CA            1st  Richard Smith, Highland, CA
2nd  Richard Smith, Highland, CA                          2nd Stevenson Alexander, Los Angeles, CA
3rd  Nick Girdner, Coosa, AL
RIGHT HAND LT HEAVY                                       LEFT HAND LT HEAVY
1st  Scott Partington, Anaheim, CA                        1st  Scott Partington, Anaheim, CA
2nd Casey Szparaga, Port St. Lucie, FL                 2nd David Hall, Moreno Valley, CA
3rd Paul Stevens, Jamul, CA                                 3rd  Paul Stevens, Jamul, CA
Right hand heavy division saw first timer US Marine Dustin Goulet make some unbelievable upsets,
to go undefeated! Also a team of new comers from Arizona is a bunch to watch out for! They made
a great showing by taking home awards!
1st  Dustin Goulet, Fallbrook, CA                          1st  Travis Claude, Lakeside, AZ
2nd Charles Hamby, Durango, CO                         2nd Michael Mariscal, Showlow, AZ
3rd  Michael Mariscal, Showlow, AZ                    3rd Dustin Goulet, Fallbrook, CA
Right hand super heavy weight division saw the very enthusiastic first timer Chris Luettgerodt
blow through the big boys to go undefeated! Also! a very mild mannered relaxed Bill Nelson all
the way from Vandula Ohio unleash his power, taking home awards in left & right hand divisions!
RIGHT HAND SUPER HEAVY                                 LEFT HAND SUPER HEAVY
1st Chris Luettgerodt, Upland, CA                            1st  Bill Nelson, Vandula, OH
2nd Charles Hamby, Durango, CO                            2nd Big Ed Wucher, Lake Elsinore, CA
3rd  Bill Nelson, Vandula, OH                                   3rd  Jeff Durant, Pasadena, CA
TEAM AWARDS: 1st Place  - Honda of Pasadena - Jeff Durant, Jamie Sheldon, Chris Luettgrodt, Dustin Goulet
                    2nd Place  - Psycho Arms - Dave Hall, Ed Wucher, David Hylko, Charles Hamby
COMPETITOR OF THE DAY: First time competitor 22 yr old US Marine DAVID HYLKO.
TRAVELED THE FARTHEST: An impressive competitor  with an excellent display of good sportsmanship
                                   all the way from Point St. Luis, Florida! CASEY SZPARAGA.
A special thanks to our referees, we had a good safe crowd pleasing tournament!
ANOTHER SPECIAL THANK YOU! goes out to GARY ROBERTS! of ARM TV! this guy is not even a
competitor! but  yet! as a result of his technical expertise and computer wizardry! Gary has put Arm
Wrestling promoting and awareness into a whole new dimension of exposure! Check it out and spread
the word! By subscribing to Arm TV, our sport will continue to grow by leaps and bounds!
Also, a special thank you to USA/WAF for their continued support and encouragement!
See You All Next Year!
Yours in Arm Wrestling
Randy Sampias




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