2005 Arkansas State Armwrestling Championships-Results


Boys Ages 8-10                                     Boys Ages 14-17

Champion-                                             Champion-Josh Wood

                                                            2nd-Colton Phillips

                                                            3rd-Chad Huff

                                                            4th-David Tarpley



Men's Novice Right 0-176                     Men's Novice Left 0-176

Champion-Michael England                     Champion-Josh Wood

1st-Josh Wood                                     



Men's Novice Right 177 & Up                          

Champion-Blake Perry                           



Men's Open Right 0-143                       Men's Open Left 0-165

Champion-Nathan Wright                        Champion-Calvin Holloway

2nd-Michael Powell                                2nd-Zee Bugaj

3rd-Chad Huff                                         3rd-Josh Wood



Men's Open Right 144-165                    Men's Open Left 166-187

Champion-Michael England                     Champion-Ron Erdmann

2nd-Calvin Holloway                               2nd-Jerry Herron

3rd-Josh Wood                                      3rd-Zac McNiel

4th-Zee Bugaj                                        4th-Trey Dobbs

5th-Billy Rogers                                     5th-Joey Virnig



Men's Open Right 166-187                    Men's Open Left 188-220

Champion-Ron Erdmann                         Champion-James Smith

2nd-Billy Gleason                                   2nd-James Chancey

3rd-Trey Dobbs 

4th-Zac McNiel

5th-Joey Virnig                          


Men's Open Right 188-220                    Men's Open Left 221 & Up

Champion-James Smith                          Champion-Michael Todd

2nd-James Chancey                               2nd-Lindley Keating

                                                            3rd-Blake Perry


Men's Open Right 221 & Up                  Men's Open Master's Right -OPEN

Champion-Michael Todd                         Champion-Jeff Delamar

2nd-Lindley Keating                                2nd-Zee Bugaj

3rd-Robbie Burnett                                

4th-Blake Perry

5th-Jeff Delamar


Men's Open Master's Left-OPEN           Ladies' Open Right-0-121

Champion-Zee Bugaj                              Champion-Tonya Wood


                        Overall Right and Left-James Smith                                             





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