This translation of the letter is sent on behalf of Mr. Alexander Filimonov, Russian Armsport Association President.

"On September 22, 2005 the Federal Agency of Physical Culture and Sports of Russia accredited the Russian Armsport association ( President Alexander Filimonov ) as the only organization in the territory of Russia, that has the authority to hold National Championships, form National Teams of Russia and represent Russian Federation in International Sports Organizations.

In view of the aforesaid, Russian Armsport association officially announces that Team Russia will be participating in the World Championship, that will be organized under the guidance of the genuine WAF ( President Fred Roy ) in Tokyo, Japan in November, 27 - December, 05, 2005.

The official Russian Team will not be participating in any other competitions !

The statement of Mr. Panzetti about Russian National Team participation in " his " World Championship is clearly untrue !

Taking into consideration the fact that some of the strongest teams of the World ( Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Finland, Poland etc. )  will not be participating in "Mr. Panzetti's World Championship" we call on all to ignore the event.

Without the mentioned teams participating, the event will simply fail to be called "The World Championship ".

Now we all have a great opportunity to put an end to the existence of the collateral dwarfy WAF. We just should not be going to the Championship organized by Mr. Panzetti in Japan. If we do not go to that event, we will surely be UNITED next year !

Russia summons all to participate in the Championship by Mr. Mitsuo Endo and Mr. Fred Roy !"



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