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October 2005

We are just about a month away from the World Championship. We would like to wish everyone going Good Luck. At this time I believe that we have about 33 people on Team USA. I received an e-mail from the Sec/Gen of WAF and he stated that they are expecting about 40 countries to be in attendance. I have been told that Canada has a full team going so the North American Armwrestling Federation(NAAF) will be well represented at this years event. As far as I know there will be drug testing in Japan. Not sure how many or which classes will be tested but this is a step in the right direction. Next years World will be in England and the Unified National Championship will be held in Denver, CO.


It is time to vote for your choice for Armwrestler of the Year. There is a ballot enclosed with this newsletter for you to vote with. Your vote counts, but only if you send it back.Allballots must be received by December 15th. The results will be posted in the January Newsletter. Also the results from the 2005 Points Championships. As of now the leader in the points race is CindyLooney.



New Hampshire State Championship

Paradise Beach Club, Weirs Beach, NH




Men's Right Hand Open


1. Chris Gobby(PQ) 2. Rob Ketchum(VT) 3. Sylvain Bissonnet(PQ)


1. Ron Klemba(CT) 2. Dustin Burns(VT) 3. Heintje Bergeron(PQ)


1. Rob Vigeant Jr(NH) 2. Jamie Alley(ME) 3. George Sheldrick(VT)


1. Bruce McKay(NH) 2. Arthur Drewes(NH) 3. Frank Hirst(CT)


1. Jason Howgate(ME) 2. Kurt Howgate(ME) 3. Ken Brunell(NH)


Men's Right Hand Novice


1. Wayne Gundrum(NY) 2. James Millmore(NH) 3. Frank Figueredo(NH)


1. Jamie Alley(ME) 2. Jamie Hoburn(VT) 3. Shane Levesque(NH)


1. Leo Marchesseau(NH) 2. Justin Peters(VT) 3. Carlos Beltran(CT)


Men's Left Hand


1. Ron Klemba(CT) 2. Heintje Bergeron(PQ) 3. Greg Sharon(VT)


1. Rob Vigeant Jr(NH) 2. Ron Klemba(CT) 3. Arthur Drewes(NH)


1. Kurt Howgate(ME) 2. Jason Howgate(ME) 3. Ken Brunell(NH)


Men's Right Hand Masters


1. Arthur Drewes(NH) 2. Ron Klemba(CT) 3. Rick Brunell(NH)


1. Harry Bean(NH) 2. Jean Daigle(CT)


Women's Right Hand


1. Heather Pembroke(VT) 2. Valerie Beach(NH) 3. Jennifer Devoid(VT)


1. Cindy Looney(CT) 2. Heather Pembroke(VT) 3. Valerie Beach(NH)




1. Parker Miner(NH) 2. Orran Neal(NH)


1. Nicholas Daigle(CT) 2. Justin St Laurent(ME) 3. Harry Bean IV(NH)


1. Ryan Vigeant(NH) 2. Devon Levesque(NH) 3. Heather Howgate(ME)



1. Ryan Vigeant(NH) 2. Mitchell Pickering(VT) 3. Ashlyn Soboleski(NH)


Men's Right Open Overall Winner: Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)

Men's Right Novice Overall Winner: Jamie Alley(ME)

Men's Right Masters Overall Winner: Harry Bean(NH)

Men's Left Overall Winner: Kurt Howgate(ME)

Women's Overall Winner: Cindy Looney(CT)


There were 82 entries from 6 states plus canada. There were 13 Kids & 7 Teens.

Referees were Jan Schmeichel, Harry Bean & Bill Cox. Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox & Priscilla Bean. Meet Directors were Harry & Priscilla Bean. Sanctioned Event



6th Annual Ct Fall Classic Arm-Wrestling Championships held @ The Cadilac Ranch Restauraunt in Southington, CT October 29, 2005

Kids 7-9
1st,Nick Daigle, 2nd, Zak Sargent, 3rd, Harry Bean
1st, Ryan Vigent, 2nd, Kyle Shanaberger, 3rd Kayla Daigle

Masters 0-198
1st, Ron Klemba, 2nd, Jon Vinikor
1st, Tim Bresnan, 2nd, Badger Drews, 3rd, Harry Bean
Ladies 0-143
1st, Sue Fisher, 2nd, Michelle Walter, 3rd,Pam Ducharme
1st, Cindy Looney, 2nd, Arlene Sargent
Mens Open Left 0-176
1st, Ron Klemba, 2nd, Angel Cosme, 3rd, Greg Sharon
1st, Rob Vigent Jr, 2nd, George Sheldrick, 3rd, Paul Stark
1st, Kevin Nelson, 2nd, Dan Sorrese, 3rd Frank Hurst
1st, Reggie Ward, 2nd, Jason Howgate, 3rd, Shawn Freeman
Mens Open Right 0-154
1st, Mike Surplus, 2nd, Lucci Wilson, 3rd, Bob Ketchum
1st, Ron Klemba, 2nd Jon vinikor, 3rdRob Vigent
1st, Rob Vigent Jr, 2nd, Ron Ermini, 3rd, Mickey Butkis
1st, Dan Sorrese, 2nd, Frank Hurst, 3rd, Keven Nelson
1st, Allen Stilkey, 2nd, Guy Lasorsa, 3rd, Steve Carbone
1st, Jerry Cadorette, 2nd, Jason Howgate, 3rd, Shawn Freeman
Novice Right 0-165
1st Rob Ketchum, 2nd, David Totten, 3rd, Roger LeBlac
1st, Shane Levesque, 2nd, Todd Van Blaricon, 3rd, Mike Berardine
1st, Chris Ratchford, 2nd, Shawn Norris, 3rd, Shane Gundrum
Novice Left 0-198
1st, Todd Van Blaricon, 2nd, Justin Koppa “Kabana”, 3rd, Jay Fortier
1st Chris Ratchford, 2nd, Joe Milano, 3rd, Carlos Beltran
Teens 13-15
1st, Justin Vaillencourt, 2nd, Rich Martinez, 3rd, Stephen Thayer

Mens Lightweight Overall Winner, Rob Vigeant Jr
Mens Heavyweight Overall Winner, Jerry Cadorette
Mens Left Lightweight Overall Winner, Rob Vigeant Jr
Mens Left Heavyweight Overall Winner, Reggie Ward
Mens Masters Overall Winner, Tim Bresnan
Ladies Overall Winner, Cindy Looney

There were 112 entries from 9 States. Refs were Bill Cox, Josh Stark, Vic Sargent, Chris Gangi, & Jan Schmichael Brackets & announcing were done by Logan Miclette. Meet directors were Josh & Melissa Stark

I will be mailing everyone a newsletter and ballot this week.



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