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May 2005 Newsletter

            I would like to take this time to extend congratulations to one of our own, Tim Bresnan from Lisbon, CT.  At the 11th Annual Pro-Am Championship in Lake Tahoe Tim took 1st place in the right hand supers.  Quite a feat in itself plus the fact that he beat John Brezenk twice to take the 1st place.  Tim has only been competeting for a few years and has made great improvements.  Full results for this event are posted on the USA site.    When you see Tim be sure and congratulate him.


            Just want to remind everyone about our training page.  If you are traveling for vacation, job or just moving you should check out if there is anyone training in the area you will going to.  If anyone would like to have there practice sessions added to the page just e-mail me the details(   (


  Results/ Maine Event 2005

Menís Right Open


1.       Norm Devio(MA)  2.  Richard Denardo(MA)  3.  Ben Frenette(ME)


1.       Jim Witt(MA)  2.  Ron Klemba(CT)  3.  David Brien(RI)


1.       Kurt Howgate(ME)  2. Scott Barber(RI)  3. Mike Ferron(ME)


1.       Jason Howgate(ME)  2. Cory Bussell(ME)  3. Harry Bean(NH)

Menís Right Novice


1.       Richard Denardo(MA)  2. Travis Josselyn(ME)  3. Paul Rotondi(ME)


1.       Chris Roy(MA)  2. Andy Soulliere(ME)  3. Bradley Tracy(ME)


1.       Larry Bowie(ME)  2. Andy Stone(ME)  3. Carlos Beltran(CT)

Menís Left


1.       Norm Devio(MA)  2. Ben Frenette(ME)  3. Richard Denardo(MA)


1.       Ron Klemba(CT)  2. Andy Ducharme(RI)  3. Rob Vigeant(NH)


1.       Kurt Howgate(ME)  2. Jason Howgate(ME)  3. Badger Drewes(NH)

Menís Right Masters


1.       Ron Klemba(CT)  2. Andy Ducharme(RI)  3. Andy Soulliere(ME)


1.       Badger Drewes(NH)  2. Harry Bean(NH)  3. Jeff Gonsalves(MA)

Womenís Right

1.       Cindy Looney(CT)  2. Pagel Chase(ME)  3. Stephanie Vigue(ME)

Womenís Left

1.       Pagel Chase(ME)  2. Cindy Looney(CT)  3. Valerie Beach(NH)


Best match of the day was:  Norm Devio & Jim Witt


Menís Right Open Overall winner was:  Jason Howgate

Menís Right Novice Overall winner was:  Larry Bowie


Menís Left Overall winner was:  Kurt Howgate

Menís Masters Overall winner was:  Ron Klemba

Womenís Overall winner was: Cindy Looney


There were 68 entries from 5 states.  Referees were Jan Schmeichel, Badger Drewes & Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Victor Sargent.  Meet Director was Kurt Howgate.

Delaware Valley Strongarm Challenge

Bensalem, PA  5/28/05


Menís Right Open


1.  Ron Klemba(CT)   2. Jerry Houston Jr(PA)   3. Justin Kopa(PA)


1.  Ron Klemba(CT)   2. Mike Ondrovic(PA)


1.  Tim Bresnan(CT)   2. Jason Howgate(ME)   3. Harry Bean(NH)

Menís Left


1.  Ron Klemba(CT)   2. Justin Kopa(PA)   3. Jerry Darvas(NJ)


1.  Jason Howgate(ME)   2. Ron Klemba(CT)   3. Harry Bean(NH)


Menís Right Novice


1.  John Citara(PA)   2.  TJ Smallwood(MD)  


1.  Michael Osif(PA)   2. Mark Proplaski(PA)   3. Tom Deacon(NJ)


1.  Steve Harrell(NJ)   2. Ben Royer(PA)   3. Michael Osif(PA)


Womenís Right Open


1.  Ann Emand(ME)   2. Heather Pirino(PA)   3. Shannon Poserina(PA)


1.  Cindy Looney(CT)   2. Ann Emond(ME)


There were 30 entries.  Referees were Peter Milano, Jim Bryan & Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.

Upcoming Events

            June 11.   The 7th Annual Bikers Championship will be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon on rte 3 in Laconia, NH.  There will be classes for Menís Open Right, Left & Masters plus Womens Right Open.  Weigh-ins from Noon till 2:30pm.  Stars at 3pm.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For info call Bill at 508-947-8958 or e-mail to     Sanctioned Event.

            June 25.   The Cape Cod Invitational will be held at Smittyís Sports Pub on rte 28 in Pocasset, MA.  There will be classes for Menís Left, Open, Novice,  Womenís Open and Kids.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Weigh ins from 11:30 till 1:30pm. Starts at 2pm.  For info call Bill at 508-947-8958.   Sanctioned Event.

            August 6/7.   Fox Sports Network and the Mohegan Sun Casino present the Professional Armwrestling Conference Championship.  Twelve of the best armwrestlers will be invited to compete for upto $15,000.00 in prize money.  There will be two weight classes(0-198, 199-UP).  Armwrestlers invited must compete both right and left handed.  The event will be held at the Mohegan Sun Hotel & Casino in Uncasville, CT.  More info will be posted on the USA and IAF sites as soon as possible.  Meet Director are Dave Devoto(707-753-7373) and John Burgeson(661-816-4430). 

            August 13/14.   The USA Unified National Championship will be held at the Double Tree Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This  will be the only qualifier for the World Championship in Tokyo, Japan later this year and the 3rd qualifier for the Arnold.   Awards for 1st thru 6th in all classes.  Free tee shirt to the 1st 200 entries.  Special room rate of $86.00 per night(1 to 4 persons).  Fer reservations call 501-372-4371 and mention armwrestling.  The Open classes will be run on Saturday and the Masters will be run on Sunday.  For more info call 406-245-1560 or 501-882-6369.

            There are a lot of good videos on Arm TV, if you are not a member you should think about joining.  There are also some great videos matches on the Northeast Message Board that are free.    The USAA have built their own web site with a lot of interesting stuff plus upcoming events and results. Their URL is    Arm TV can be found at:



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