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September 2005

The IAF has a new State Director. His name is Jan Schmeichel and he is the State Director for Massachusetts. Jan lives in Randolph, MA. He is a competitor and also a referee. Most of you know Jan and I am sure he will do a super job as a director. Be sure to congratulate him when you see him. His information is posted on the Director Board on the IAF site and also on the IAF info on the Maine site.

The World Championships will be held in Tokyo, Japan from Nov. 28 till Dec. 5. I have been informed by Willy Deneumostier who is the Sec/Gen for WAF that they are expecting 40 countries to attend this years World Championship. At last count Team USA had 37 competitors representing us at World's. It also looks as if the Unification is off for now as the other WAF has decided to run their own World Championship. Good Luck to Team USA, bring home some gold. Bill Collins is the Team Manager and anyone that qualified needs to get in touch with him. There are some spots open yet, if you are interested you should get in touch with Bill Collins at

209-826-2873 or e-mail him at:


Step 1 Important, read package carefully. Once you have made your decision please contact: Bill Collins 209-827-5108 office, 209-826-2873 home, 209-704-0564 cell or Denise Wattles 1-406-245-1560: or email or

It is important that you contact us with an answer of yes or no. If 1st or 2nd place cannot attend, we will go through the list of participants to fill the team.


  1. Step 2 Passports

Please verify your passport, if you do not have a passport you will need to apply immediately, they say it only takes 4 to 6 weeks but we have seen cases which took more than 2 months.


You can download a passport application form or go to your local post office for application; I must receive a copy of your pass port for flight tickets and WAF weigh-ins


Step 3 (Transportation) Airfare is very import to guarantee your seating the deadline for guarantee seating in OCT 23, 2005.

Travel dates are:.

11/27/05 - depart San Francisco 11:25 am JAL flight #1

11/28/05 - arrive Tokyo 3:25 pm

12/05/05 - depart Tokyo 5:25 pm, arrive San Francisco 9:25 am, same day. JAL flight #2


The code share airline is American Airlines for mileage. If you need domestic flight I suggest you let Pauline form LB Travel take care of your needs. She can also book you a room in SF with a shuttle picking and returning you to the airport.



Pauline 1-800-313-4756

Tell her you’re with TEAM USA

GUEST and family are Welcomed


If you’re interested in extending your visit while in Japan we’ll need to know in advance.


We are working with a Travel agent for groups rates. To date she has priced the following:

San Francisco: 780.00

New York: 988.00


Our goal would be to have everyone leave their home port and meet in one Central location; we would then travel together as a group to Tokyo, Japan.

Transportation from the Tokyo Airport to the host hotel is 1.5 hours and will cost $20 U.S each. It would be much easier if we could all arrive and depart at the same time.


Step 4 Accommodations Deadline to book accommodations is Sept. 30


I’m working on a group Hotel, the Marriott Tobu 5 minuet walk is booked solid. The different hotels which would require some walking and taking the subway in order to get to the Armwrestling Venue.

The avg prices for room are as follow, prices may varies


Single (one person in room) $1,276.09 for 6 nights/ breakfast

Single (one person in room) $1,126.36 for 6 nights - no breakfast


Double (two people in room) $777.13 for 6 nights per person /breakfast

Double (two people in room) $627.40 for 6 nights per person -no breakfast


  1.     Uniforms MUST BE WORN (shirt and pants) at the WAF event including guest Uniforms can be ordered from Heavy duty Awards. You can order on line at or call



Team Uniform – Jacket and pants $80.00

Team Shirt $10-20


Your order must be placed with Heavy duty Awards in advance. I support gear is also available. 1-406-245-1560,, on line


  2.      Registration Fees

Registration fees are $30 per arm per category

This fee must be paid in US $$$ only

Example: If you pull in the Open classes $30 for Right & $30 for Left = $60 US


  2.      Tokyo is a wonderful place to visit the food is very different from American food and very expensive.

    1.      Weather

    2.     The weather for that time of the year is between 65-70 degrees

Upcoming Events

Oct 1. The Battle in the Capital will be held at the Embassy West Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Cash awards for the Pro Divisions both right & left hand, pay back to 6th place. Sculptured Arms for 1st & 2nd place in the Novice with medals for 3rd thru 5th. Trophies for the Ladies Open Right Hand class for 1st thru 3rd. Triple elimination for the pro Classes, Double for the rest. Special rates for rooms, call the Embassy West at 613-729-4331 For info call Eric Roussin at 613-236-5513.

Oct. 15. The 6th Annual NH State Championship will be held at the Paradise Beach Club in Weir's Beach, NH. Classes for Men's Right Open, Novice, Masters and Men's Left, Women's Right Open and Kids & Teens. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus Overalls for each class. Weigh-ins from 11am till 12:30pm. Contest starts at 1pm. For info call Harry or Priscilla Bean at 603-524-2640 This will be an IAF Sanctioned Event.

Oct.. 29. The Connecticut Fall Classic will be held at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington, CT. There will be 28 classes offered. Men's Right Open, Novice, Masters, Men's left Hand, Women's Right & Left Hand, plus Teens & Kids. Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus lightweight & heavyweight overalls for right & left hand. This is an IAF Sanctioned Event. For info call Josh at 860-584-2267.

Nov. 19. The Northeastern Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Black Bear Saloon in So. Norwalk, CT. There will be 4 cash Supermatches plus Men & Ladies Right & Left Hand Classes. There is a flyer for this event on the Northeast Message Board. For info call James at 203-804-7644 or Pete at 203-522-4716.

27th World Championships will be held in Japan. Full info posted on USA site(

We have to get out and support armwrestling, either as a competitor or spectator. If the sport is to grow we need more people to participate. Sponsors are looking for head counts more so then champions. If sponsors are unhappy with the turnout then they will not be willing to do the event again. A promoter can only do so much, they need your help and support by going to their events if not to compete then to cheer on a teammate or friend.

All the info you need about your sport is online. You just have to check it out. Between the USA, USAA, IAF, AWP, Arm TV and the Northeast Message Board there is all the info on the sport as well as results, upcoming events and training tips. There are links to all these sites on the IAF site plus numerous other sites. Check them out from time to time. Join the Northeast Board and also Arm TV.





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