August Newsletter 2005

            August was a big month for Armwrestling.  First there was the $20,000 tournament at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT which was shown on the Best Damn Sports Show on Fox Sports Network and the very next weekend was the Unified Nationals held in Little Rock, AK.  This years Unified was the biggest ever with 410 entries from 35 states.  The talent there was very impressive.  Next year the Unifiedís will be held in Denver, CO.  You can view clips from both Mohegan Sun and the Unified on Arm TV.

            USA held their yearly meeting at the Unifieds.  There was an election and Bill Collins from CA. was voted in as the New President and Bill Cox was voted in as Sec/Tres.   There were four bids in for Nationals next year that had to be voted on, Hartford, CT.  Las Vegas, NV.  Billings, MT  and  Denver, CO.  The bid went to Denver, CO.  Thanks to all that submitted a bid.  Also voted on at the meeting was to add ArmWorld Promotions to the Executive Board of USA.

Executive Board

WWC.    Dave Devoto and John Burgeson

USAA/USWA.  Leonard Harkless and Denise Wattles

IAF.   Bill and Gerry Cox

AWP.   Bill Collins and Simon Berriochoa








2005 United States ArmSports Unified National Armwrestling Championship

2005 United States ArmSports Unified National Armwrestling Championship

DoubleTree Hotel Ė Little Rock, Ar. Ė August 13 & 14 Ė 410 Entries

Hosted by Southern States Armwrestling & United States Armwrestling

Tournament Directors Ė Denise Wattles & Leonard Harkless

Ladies Right 0-110: Valerie Beach/ Tonya Wood

Ladies Right 111-121: Karen Cooley/ Valerie Beach/ Tonya Wood

Ladies Right 122-132: Judy Dodd/ Sue Fischer/ Darlene Ingledue/ Jennifer Makos

Ladies Right 133-143: Valerie Hall/ Darlene Ingledue

Ladies Right 144-154: Sadie Seimears/ Darlene Ingledue

Ladies Right 155-176: Darlene Ingledue

Ladies Right 177+: Cynthia Yerby/ Mary McConnaughey/ Cindy Looney/ Samantha Sherman/ Monique Rooney

Ladies Left 0-110: Tonya Wood/ Valerie Beach

Ladies Left 122-132: Judy Dodd/ Darlene Ingledue

Ladies Left 133-143: Valerie Hall

Ladies Left 177+: Cynthia Yerby/ Mary McConnaughey/ Shannon Storrs/ Aimee Witterdink

Menís Left 0-110: Dustin Liles

Menís Left 111-121: Tom Wilson/ Cody Wagner/ Dustin Liles

Menís Left 122-132: Dirk Ramirez/ Andrew Schang/ Tom Wilson/ Tim Clark/ Brent Norris/ Derrick Brown

Menís Left 133-143: Ben Dwyer/ Aaron Gutt/ Corey Ruiz/ Corey Miller/ Sean Sankey/ Jeremy Wilks

Menís Left 144-154: Ray Hennerichs/ Nick Kleiber/ Gene Dunn/ Charles Farner/ Bryce Meaux/ Lenny Lockert

Menís Left 155-165: Jeremy Hurst/ Ronnie Ruzic/ Angle Cosme/ Bill Logsdon/ Tony Kaiser/ Mike Knepp

Menís Left 166-176: Craig Tullier/ Chris Chandler/ Ron Klemba/ John Parton/ Tony Kitowski/ Noah Sanders

Menís Left 177-187: Jerry Avants/ Dwayne Hanel/ Eric Wolfe/ Steve Rau/ Rich Martinez/ Kelly Wentz

Menís Left 188-198: Dan Whittle/ James Smith/ Bryan Johnson/ JJ Talton/ Darren Courtemarche/ Pat Beare

Menís Left 199-220: Mike Bowling/ Scott Fleming/ Robbie Topie/ PJ Rizzo/ Jim Bryan/ James Chancey

Menís Left 221-242: Michael Todd/ Lindley Keating/ Matt Girdner/ Lee Browning/ Kevin Buetts/ Allen Ferriera

Menís Left 243+: Travis Bagent/ Christian Binnie/ John Ruggiero/ Harold Owens/ Nick Zinna/ Emery Shephard

Menís Right 0-110: Dustin Liles/ Dustin Walker

Menís Right 111-121: Tom Wilson

Menís Right 122-132: Dirk Ramirez/ Brent Norris/ Andrew Schang/ Tim Clark/ Ted Ingledue/ Derrick Brown

Menís Right 133-143: Corey Ruiz/ Jeremy Wilks/ Luke Stanley/ Corey Miller/ Ben Dwyer/ Ted Ingledue

Menís Right 144-154: Ray Hennerichs/ Luke Kindt/ Nick Kleiber/ Charles Farner/ Lenny Lockert/ Bryce Meaux

Menís Right 155-165: Cobra Rhodes/ Kevin Hicklin/ Bill Logsdon/ Mike Knepp/ Jeremy Hurst/ Michael England

Menís Right 166-176: Chris Chandler/ Craig Tullier/ Allen Hester/ Shawn Dempsey/ Tony Kitowski/ Gaylon Hoedoe

Menís Right 177-187: Chad Silvers/ Steve Rau/ Jerry Avants/ DJ Savoy/ Eric Wolfe/ Mike West

Menís Right 188-198: James Smith/ Rob Vigean/ Bryan Johnson/ Fritz Corry/ Dan Whittle/ Alex Jigalko

Men's Right 199-220: John Brzenk/ Clay Rosencrans/ Jim Bryan/ Mike Bowling/ Rob Sasso/ Robbie Topie

Menís Right 221-242: Matt Girdner/ Dan Victor/ Paul Walther/ Blaine Middleton/ Michael Todd/ Lindley Keating

Menís Right 243+: Travis Bagent/ Tim Bresnan/ Nick Zinna/ Harold Owens/ Bobby Hopkins/ Don Underwood

Ultra Grand Left 0-176: Bob Coulombe

Ultra Grand Left 177+: Ray Darling/ Jess Decker

Grand Masters Left 0-165: Milt Christmas/ Zee Bugaj

Grand Masters Left 166-198: Ray Darling/ John Burgeson/ Bert Whitfield/ Jim Coyle/ Frank Malis/ Adam Gerbert

Ladies Masters Left 133-154: Judy Dodd/ Janet Beer

Ladies Masters Left 177+: Cynthia Yerby/ Mary McConnaughey/ Shannon Storrs

Masters Left 0-154: Lee Culpepper/ Gene Dunn/ Milt Christmas/ Rick Miner

Masters Left 155-176: John Parton/ Tom Faas/ Ron Klemba/ John Zvezdich/ Christ Russakis

Masters Left 177-198: Dwayne Hanel/ Ray Darling/ Bob Brown/ Saul Rakauskas/ (tied for 5th) Gary Kessler & Pat Beare

Masters Left 199-220: Don Fritsche/ Badger Drews/ Robert Coppla/ John Shipes/ Alcide Hargrave

Masters Left 221+: Charles Cook/ Bobby Hopkins/ Robert Baxter/ Cliff Hall

Ultra Grand Right 0-176: Bob Coulombe/ Pete Royal/ CD Prince

Ultra Grand Right 177+: Ray Darling/ Merle Meeter/ Jess Decker

Grand Masters Right 0-165: Milt Christmas/ Steve Jeffryes/ Bob Coulombe/ Pete Royal/ Zee Bugaj/ Rick Miner

Grand Masters Right 166-198:Bert Whitfield/Ray Darling/Jody Stokes/ Jim Coyle/ (tied for 5th) John Burgeson & Frank Malis

Grand Masters Right 199+: Bobby Buttafuoco/ Lee Freeman

Ladies Masters Right 177+: Mary McConnaughey/ Cynthia Yerby/ Judy Dodd/ Shannon Storrs

Masters Right 0-154: Lee Culpepper/ Gene Dunn/ Milt Christmas/ Dan Stroud/ Pete Royal/ Rick Miner

Masters Right 155-176: John Parton/ Ron Klemba/ Ton Faas/ Christ Russakis/ (tied for 5th) John Zvezdich & Gaylon Hoedoe

Masters Right 177-198: Bill Collins/ Bob Brown/ Mike West/ Pat Beare/ (tied for 5th) Ray Darling & Ron Berdinsky

Masters Rt 199-220: Don Fritsche/Bobby Buttafuoco/Robert Coppla/ Tim Davidson/(5th) Sherman Howard & Badger Drews

Masters Right 221+: Bobby Hopkins/ Tim Bresnan/ Jimmy Pulley/ Robert Baxter/ (tied for 5th) Cliff Hall & Paul Meaux

Open Team Champions: 1st Ė Louisiana Lefties, 2nd Ė Louisiana Righties

Masters Team Champions: 1st Ė All the Presidents Men, 2nd Ė Team New England, 3rd Ė Team Hamm

Upcoming Events

          August 27.   The Massachusetts State Championship will be held at Smittyís Sports Pub on Rte 28 in Pocasset, MA.  There will be 12 classes for men & women plus kids classes.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.   IAF Sanctioned.  For more info: Call Bill at 508-947-8958.


          September 3.  New Jersey State Championships will be held at Wildwood Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ.  Starts at 1pm.  Classes for menís open & novice and womenís open.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For more info call Jim Bryan at 609-859-4478.


          October 1.  The Battle in the Capital II will be held at the Embassy West Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Cash awards for the open classes and awards for the novice. Womenís open class. For reservations call 613-729-4331.  For info call Eric at 613-236-5513.

           March 25. 2006.   Mike Gould Classic. To be held in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.  Cash awards for the open classes and trophies for the novice classes.  $1,200.00 for 1st place, 500.00 for 2nd,  200.00 for 3rd and 100.00 for 4th.  For more info call Mike at 905-426-0891.

 For all info on upcoming events you only need to check out the IAF, USA, USAA sites and the Northeast Message Board.   Donít forget that we have our training page with places to train.  If you know of any place not listed send in the info so that we can post it. Congratulations to all the pullers that were in Little Rock for the Nationals, you really put on a show.



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