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Newsletter April 2005

          This has been a pretty exciting month for armwrestling. With coverage on both ESPN2 and Fox Sports.  The tournament in Vegas turned out to be a Super Event with over 460 entries from 10 countries.

They have announced that the event will be held again next April. Thanks to Dave & John for putting together such a great event.  The full results are posted on the USA site: .

          All plans for Unification in Japan are running on schedule. The World Championship in Japan should be a monster event with the possibility of 35 countries or better.  Japan has added an Ultra Master class(60 & up), not sure how this will be handled at Unifieds.  Will check and let you know more on the IAF site and in next monthís newsletter.


    White Mt Championship




Menís Right Hand Open


1. Norm Devio(MA)   2. Tim Sears(MA)   3. James Milmore(NH)


1. Ron Klemba(CT)   2. Richard Gravel(VT)   3. Justin Kopa(PA)


1.  Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)  2. George Sheldrick(VT)  3. Josh Stark(CT)


1.      Jeff Gonsalves(MA)  2. Nate Clouthier(VT)  3. Scott Barber(RI)


1.      Tim Bresnan(CT)  2. Shaun Freeman(NY)  3. Jason Howgate(ME)


Menís Right Hand Novice


1.      Chris Gobby(PQ)  2. George Yashinski(PA)  3. Anthony Degreenia(VT)


1.  Brayton Gillett(VT)   2. Chris Roy(MA)   3. Joe Milmore(NH)


1.  Justin Kopa(PA)   2. Greg Sharon(VT)   3. Andy Souliere(ME)


1.  Justin Kopa(PA)   2. Jean lessard(PQ)   3. Carlos Beltran(CT)


Menís Left Hand


1.  Benjie Dwyer(NY)   2. Norm Devio(MA)   3. Chris Gobby(PQ)


1.      Darren Courtemarche(NH)  2. Rob Vigeant Jr(NH)  3. Bill Sinks(VT)


1.  Kurt Howgate(ME)  2. Jason Howgate(ME)   3. Shaun Freeman(NY)



Ladies Right Hand


1.  Jessalynn Gillett(VT)   2. Valerie Beach(NH)   3. Jennifer Devoid(VT)


1.  Karen Curavoo(VT)   2. Cindy Looney(CT)   3. Pam Ducharme(RI)


There were 114 entries from MA,RI,CT,NY,PA,ME,NH,VT&Quebec.  Referees were Tim Sears, Chris Gangi, Arthur Drewes, Vic Sargent,Ron Klemba.


Upcoming Events



            May 15.  The 29th Vermont State Championship will be held at the American Legion Hall in Middlebury, VT.  Weigh-ins from 11am till 1pm, starts at 1:30pm.  There will be 13 weight classes for men & women.  Custom Jackets for 1st place, trophies for 2nd & 3rd.  For info call Karen or Bill at 802-545-2402 or e-mail:


            May 21.  The Maine Event Armwrestling Challenge will be held at Spot Shot Billiards in Portland,ME.  There will be 15 weight classes for menís open, novice, left, master, womenís right & left open. There also will be Overalls in all classes. Deluxe trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Weigh ins from 11am till 1:30pm. Starts at 2pm.  For more info call Kurt at 207-459-7989 Sanctioned Event



          May 28.  The 6th Annual Delaware Valley Strongarm Challenge will be held at the Pennsylvania Fair located at the Philadelphia Park Racetrack on Street Rd in Bensalem, PA.  There will be class for menís right open, right novice, left and womenís right open.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For info call Bill at 508-947-8958 or e-mail Bill at

Weigh ins from Noon till 1:30pm.   Sanctioned Event.


          June 11.  The 7th Annual Bikers Championship will be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon on Rt 3 in Laconia, NH.  There will be classes for menís right open, masters, left and womens right.  Weigh ins from Noon till 2:30pm, starts at 3pm.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For info call Bill at 508-947-8958

Sanctioned Event. 


          June 25.   The Cape Cod Invitational will be held at Smittyís Sports Pub on Rt 28 in Pocasset, MA.  There will be classes for menís right open, right novice, left and womens right. Kids classes for 7/9 and 10/12 yr olds.  Weigh ins from 11:30am till 1:30pm, starts at 2pm.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.   For info call Bill at 508-947-8958 Sanctioned Event.


          July.   Tournament in E. Providence, RI.  Date, time and info to be in next months newsletter. 

           August 13/14.  The Unified National Championship will be held at the Doubletree Hotel in Little Rock, AR.  Open competition eill be run on Saturday and Masters & Grand Masters will be run on Sunday.  Weigh ins are on Friday from 8-10pm.  On Saturday from 10am till noon. Sunday from 10-11am.  Contest starts each day at Noon.  Awards for 1st thru 6th place in all classes.  All 1st & 2nd place finishers will qualify for Team USA to compete at the World Championship in Japan.  Room rates are $86 per night(1-4 people).  For reservations call 501-372-4371.  For more info call Denise or Leonard at 406-248-4508 or 406-245-1560.

Flyers are posted on the IAF, USA and Maine sites.  Donít forget to check out the training page on the IAF site.



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